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The Newgate Calendar Vol. 2

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Edited by Donal Ó Danachair

Volume 2

Published by the Ex-classics Project, 2009 


Public Domain

Old Newgate Prison


RICHARD THORNHILL, ESQ Convicted of Manslaughter on 18th of May, 1711, for  

killing Sir Cholmondeley Deering in a Duel 10 

TOM GERRARD Taught a Dog to pick Pockets, and was executed for  

Housebreaking at Tyburn in August, 1711 12 

WILL MAW Having committed a Robbery, Maw ordered his Wife to organise a  

Mock Funeral, so that People should think he was dead. He was executed at Tyburn  

in October 1711 14 

DAVY MORGAN Executed at Presteigne in April, 1712, for murdering Edward  

Williams 15 

ELIZABETH MASON Executed for the murder of her godmother, 18th June, 1712 16 

ELIZABETH CHIVERS Executed for the murder of her bastard child, 1st August,  

1712 17 

COLONEL JOHN HAMILTON Convicted of Manslaughter, 11th of September,  

1712, as Second in a Duel between the Duke of Hamilton and Lord Mahon 19 

RICHARD TOWN Executed at Tyburn, December 23, 1712, for Fraudulent  

Bankruptcy 21 

JACK BLEWIT Was taken into Slavery by the Blacks on Pirates' Island. After  

gaining his Liberty and returning to England he became a Highwayman. Executed in  

1713 for the Murder of a Farmer's Daughter 23 

TOM GRAY Highwayman who set Fire to a Prison. Executed at Tyburn in March,  

1713 26 

NED BONNET Took to the Highway because he was ruined by a Fire. Executed at  

Cambridge Castle in March, 1713 28 

RICHARD NOBLE Executed at Kingston, March 28, 1713, For the Murder of Mrs.  

Sayer. 29 

DICK ADAMS Once pretended to be the Bishop of London's Nephew in order to  

escape from a Man he had robbed. Executed at Tyburn, 1713 35 

NED WICKS Highway Robber, executed at Warwick Jail in 1713 for Robbery 38 

JACK SHRIMPTON Convicted for Murder and Highway Robberies. Executed at St  

Michael's Hill in September, 1713 40 

WILL LOWTHER Executed on Clerkenwell Green for the Murder of Edward Perry,  

December, 1713 42 

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