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Hey you, yeah you. Anyone tell you that your are beautiful today? No? That's a bummer. You look great! You're smile is perfect and makes the room glow. I wish I could just go on for days about you. But I can't. You are too hidden and frail I'm afraid to wreck the little confidence you have in yourself. I wish you had more, and would stop thinking I'm lying to you and that ruins the confidence you try and get. Remember that you matter. You are unique. You are beautiful.
I don't care if your short, tall, fat, thin, wears glasses, had braces, too tomboyish, too girly, black, white, Asian, has an accent, not happy with themself, is shy, is afraid, is gay, is bi, is straight, whatever you look like doesn't matter because you are completely beautiful. Don't ruin your future because you aren't happy now. You cause the lives so of many generations to have no way to exist. What if you become to happy? What if you work to make others happy? What if it ended tomorrow? What would you do? You only live once. Enjoy the one chance in life you have. Because I love you.

So go out there and flaunt your beauty, scream it. Because you, you are amazing. This goes out to a few special people. Some I know well, some I barely know. You all are beautiful. Please never change. ❤️

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