Sad Day

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Hope's POV
I woke up the next morning with the girls cuddled next to me and Jason already awake. I get up and walk to the kitchen. Jason is making a cup of coffee and setting my cappuccino up. "Hey baby" I said walking over to Jason and giving him a kiss. "Hey babygirl" he said. "Your up early." I said. "Yea just wanted to be up when the girls gets up so I can have time with them before they get picked up." He said sitting on one of the bar stools. I walk over to him and put my arms around him. "It's been really nice having them here." I said. "Yes I know, just going to miss them when they leave." Jason said. "I know baby." I said giving Jason a hug. He holds on to me for a while not sure how long but I didn't mind it one bit. We talked a bit longer and the girls woke up. They come to the kitchen and is make them breakfast. "Hi Daddy." They say. "Hey honey." He said. "Daddy do we have to go with mommy today we have had so much fun with you and mommy Hope we want to stay with you guys." Keeley said. "Baby as much as I would love for you guys to stay you can't." Jason said. I felt my heart break when he said that. Both girls looked very upset and Kendyl started to cry and ran up and jumped into my arms. "It be alright because the holidays you will get to see us." I said "Are you sure?" Kendyl said. "Yes, I'm sure." I said she smiled at me and gave me a big hug. "We love you mommy Hope and daddy." They said "we love you guys too." Jason said. The girls finished their breakfast and we decided to watch another couple movies.

Jason's POV

We went to the living room and got some movies to watch. In the middle of the first one my phone rang. I told Hope I'd be back. I got up and went to the kitchen.
Conversation on the phone.
Hello. I said Jason it's Jessica. Hi is everything alright. Yea I wanted to let you know I'll be heading over soon to get the girls. Alright Hope and myself are watching movies with them. Ok when I get there can we all sit down and talk about some things. Sure. Alright see you in a bit. Yep see you then I said hanging up. I went back to the living room and sat down. "Everything alright?" Hope asked. "Yea Jess called to let me know she was on the way she wants to talk when she gets here." I said. "What about?" Hope asked "she didn't say but she wants to talk to both of us." I said. We went back to watching the movie.

Hope's POV 

We were in the middle of the movie and there was a knock at the door I went and answered it. Jessica was there I invited her in. "Girls look who is here." I said "hi mommy." They said running up to her. "Hey girls." She said giving them hugs. "We had a lot of fun with daddy and mommy Hope." They said. "That's good why don't you guys go watch your movie so the adults can talk." She said "ok" they said and ran to the living room and Jason myself and Jess went to the kitchen to talk. "I know when I dropped the girls off I said things I shouldn't have, so I want to apologize to you Jason and Hope for judging before getting to know anyone, I see the girls had a lot of fun and have taken up to Hope very much." She said. "Thanks." I said. "I want you to get to see the girls more when your home, so for holidays they will be able to be with you for half and me the other half, I know the girls loves being with you." Jess said. "I want to say thank you for letting me keep them for the few weeks I got too." Jason said. "No problem, I also want to say I was sorry for saying anything about the girls calling Hope mom." She said. "Thanks Jess." I said. "Are the girls ready to go?" She asked "all that's left is to get there bags I'll get them." Jason said. He left the room and we joined the girls finishing the movie. Jason came back down with the girls things. "Alright girls time to go." She said. At first they just looked at her and both of their eyes started tearing up. They ran up to Jason and I and gave us big hugs. "We love you both." The girls said. "We love you guys too." Jason said giving the girls hugs. When Jason let them go I knew his heart was breaking and he wanted to cry but didn't want too in front of the girls. We walked them out to the car and they gave us one last hug. "I'll keep you up to date of when you will get them." Jess said. "Ok." Jason said. "Hope it was nice meeting you." Jessica said. "Same to you." I said. They got in the car and drove off. The girls were waving out the window til they couldn't see us. We stood in the driveway for a bit before heading back in. Jason was upset and I could tell just by the way he was acting. He sat on the couch and I sat next to him, he leaned over and put his head on my shoulder and broke into tears. I held him. No words could describe how it made me  feel to hear Jason so upset. He looked at me. "I'm such a cry baby." He said. "No your someone who loves his kids so much and didnt want to see them leave." I said. He smiled at me and leans over and kisses me and I make it last.

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