Chapter 1

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Dear Diary,
                    Today is the fifth year anniversary of my little brothers death. Today is the fifth year anniversary of my parents blaming me, even though I had nothing to do with the accident. My parents were in the car when Jonni died, not me, I was at home working on my essay for the school to support an LGBTQ+ club. But no, I am constantly to blame. Today is the first day of school and guess who gets to go in black and blue? Me. Don't worry though, this isn't the first time I've gone to school in black and blue, I'm just lucky I can hide it.

I took my diary, and climbed under the bed. I lifted a hatch and placed my diary in there. I closed it, and replaced the carpet over. I crawled out from under the bed, walking over towards my mirror. I looked over my bruised body, tracing the scars on my arm. I let my eyes stray to the makeup kit on my bedside table. I walked over to the window. I looked to see mum and dad's car still in the driveway, which means they're still home, waiting for me to leave my room. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a pair of skinny leg jeans, and a baggy crimson red sweater. I peeled my singlet and shorts off, catching a glimpse of the scars across my stomach. I squeezed my eyes shut, the memories replaying in my head. I opened my eyes and breathed heavily. I slipped into my jeans, jumping so they made it to my waist, and slipped my sweater over my head. I threw my sleepwear into my hamper, and walked over to my desk. I slung my light brown bag over my shoulder, piling my subject books into it. I slipped "Pride and Prejudice," in and zipped it up. I grabbed the makeup kit, and quickly applied some foundation to hide the bruises on my cheeks. I put a little bit of lip gloss on to hide the cut from my mothers ring. I looked into my tired cinnamon brown eyes and I saw shades of black from the sleepless nights I endured. I turned away from the mirror, walking to the end of my bed and slipping on my black boots. I knew mum and dad were still home, so I opened my window, putting my arm through the other strap of my bag, making sure to hold the window up so it didn't close. I jumped from my window, falling through the air and landing in the green bush that sat before the kitchen window. I quickly got out of the bush, brushing myself off. Pulling some leaves out of my light brown hair, I heard the front door open. I quickly began running away, hearing my father shout, cussing at me, while I made progress down the street. I didn't dare look back in case he was following me. I continued to run, passing all the normal families down this street. I turned down the little alleyway, and began to walk. I tried catching my breath, walking into the little street filled with shops lined up, all competing against one another for more business. I walked into the cafe where I work, and was greeted by Daniel.

"Hey Spence," he smiled. I walked up to the counter.

"The usual?" He asked. I smiled softly, causing my lip to sting as the cut opened slightly. He smiled, turning around and began making me a coffee. I grabbed a bagel from under the counter, and pulled my bag over my shoulder.

"It's on me," I heard Daniel say. I looked up at him. I should pay for it. He smiled and handed me my coffee.

"Thank you," I smiled, making his smile grow. I took my bagel and coffee, and headed out of the cafe. I continued down the street, seeing some kids from school going in and out of shops. I continued to walk, taking bites out of my bagel and enjoying the sweet taste of the jam on top. I took a sip of my coffee, feeling the warmth trickle down my raspy throat. I turned down the end of the street and walked towards the high school. To me high school was my escape from home. It was actually a nice place to be in, if you were friends with the right groups of people. I walked into the school gates hoping I wasn't late for the student council meeting. I walked down the locker rooms, turning down another hall, and walked into the seminar room. Everyone was seated around the table. I silently opened the door, everyone was quick to turn and face me.

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