Chapter 1 - First day

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*Your POV*

I smiled as the cab driver pulled up in front of the very large building, the building where all my dreams would become true. I handed the driver the money and got out with a very large smile. I quickly smoothed the wrinkles on my skirt. I had been wearing my nicest clothing, wanting to impress on my first day on the job, well internship.

I walked in, my head up high and a cocky smile on my face. I looked around, people were everywhere but still seemed very professional. I got into the elevator and got to the floor.

Floor 89

I smirked as the elevator doors opened and then saw the short brunette.

"Ally!" I squealed, trying to run the fastest I could in my heels.

"Y/n!" she squealed back as she gave me a large hug. "I haven't seen you in forever, how are you?" she asked.

"I'm amazing, thanks to you getting me this internship," I said, smiling at her. Ally was the main reason I had gotten it, after begging her boss for a year, he finally gave me a chance.

"Oh, its nothing, I'm just glad my best friend is here to help me out on the job," she said with a caring smile.

"It's not nothing, I'm a writer, working for New York Times!" I said. She rolled her eyes playfully and then grabbed my hand, leading me to a group of girls.

"Normani, Dinah, Lauren, meet y/n/, she's the new intern and my best friend from high school," she said, the girls all greeted me with smiles and hellos. We all talked for a while, I felt very welcomed.

"Y/n, how about you join us to an art exhibit after work? The art is done by Camila Cabello, she's a genius," asked Lauren.

"Of course, that sounds amazing," I said. Shortly after, one by one the girls left to go do work, leaving Ally and I.

"Come on, let's get to work," she said, leading me to the offices.


I stared at my laptop, reading the words I had written over and over again and then looked up, realizing Ally was standing by my desk.

"So how's the first day been?" she asked.

"Amazing, I love it here," I replied, making her smile.

"Well I'm heading out for that art exhibit, wanna come along?" she asked.

"Yeah sure, just let me pack up," I said, closing my laptop and then quickly gathering my things. After getting all of my things, I followed Ally out the building and got into the cab. We talked until we had finally got there. I got out and the walked by Ally, noticing the line to get in.

"This line goes all around the block," I mumbled and she smiled at me.

"We don't have to wait, I'll just say I'm writing about the art," she said and then walked up, and right away the man opened the door. I quickly followed her into the building, noticing the large crowd of people. I ran my hand through my hair and sighed.

"I'm going to go try find the rest of the girls," said Ally and then walked away. I sighed and looked at art up on the wall. After admiring it for a few minutes, I turned and began to walk down, my head down and then someone bumped into me, almost causing me to fall.

"What the hell, watch where you're going!" I huffed and then looked up to see a pretty brunette.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry," she stuttered, her hands shaking. I stood there, out of nowhere feeling bad.

"No it's okay, I should of been looking too," I said, giving her a kind smile. She smiled back and then slowly looked down to the floor. "I'm y/n," I said, putting my hand out for her to shake. She looked up and slowly shook it.

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