Chapter Twenty-Four: Explosion of Emotion

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I walk through the hallway at school to get to my first period class. I step in through the back door and see a girl sitting in my spot next to Landon, her hand on his knee. He says something and she lets out a cheeky chuckle, then twirls her long blonde hair around her index finger.

I throw my stuff onto my desk and she turns her head slowly, giving me the dirtiest look I've ever seen. "What do you want?" She spits out at me. 

I smile back at her and cock my head to the side. "For you to stop flirting and get out of my spot." I say simply. She rolls her eyes then makes a pouty face at Landon. Is she really trying to get backup from him? 

He looks at her briefly then makes a weird movement with his mouth. "Sorry Dana. You heard the lady. I'll see you next period." 

Dana sighs and stands up from my spot, making sure to stick her butt right in Landon's as she does so, then she exits the room, swaying her hips way more than called for. I sit down in my spot and get out my assignment that I had to do over the weekend. 

Only after about three minutes did I notice that Landon has been looking at me the entire time. I glance over at him. "What?" I start to blush and get a weird feeling in my chest.

His gaze doesn't falter. "You're something else, Charlie." He mutters and then rests his head on his forearms on the table.

Mr. Zapatero enters the room just after the bell rings, and he places his books on the desk, then his bag on his chair. "Morning class, sorry I'm late. Pull out your assignments and hand them in in a neat pile on the corner of my desk. Make sure your name is on it!" Everyone stands up in a rush and slaps their assignments in a not-at-all-neat pile.

"Okay now that you guys started off the day by completely ignoring my first instructions, let's move on!" He starts writing something on the board but I don't pay attention.

Just as he stops writing there is a loud explosion-like sound from the other side of the school. The fire alarms start going off and everybody looks around at each other in confusion and fear. 

Before Mr. Zap or anyone can stop me, I run into the hallway.

The southwest end of the school is completely blown up, flames climbing up the walls. Some people run out of their classes, holding on to each other, some dragging people with them. I race to my backpack, at human running speed, and grab my costume out of it. I go to the bathroom and super speed into my costume then super speed down the hallway to where the explosion happened.

"Scarlett, help me! My friend is unconscious. Help us get out of here." A boy yells and I pick up the unconscious one without hesitation and put her over my shoulder. I grab the boy around the waist and super speed us all outside and onto the grass across the street.

"Stay here." I instruct. He nods his head and bends down beside his friend. 

I race into the school in search for my own friends. I spot Milo and Erin down the hallway. "Guys, you gotta get out of here!" I shout as I grab them and use my superhuman strength to lug them outside with the rest of the terrified students.

"What's happening?" Erin asks me, looking around at all the injured people laying on the grass or being tended to by the quick arriving paramedics.

I look at her scared face and shake my head. "I don't know," I say honestly, "but I'm going to find that out. Stay here with the paramedics no matter what, okay?" Erin nods her head and links arms with a dumbfounded Milo. 

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