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Character Interview

Interview with Mr Ambrose and Miss Lilly Linton, main Characters of "Storm and Silence"

Interviewer: "Good Evening! Good Evening and Welcome! Today, we have two special guests directly from 19th-century England in the studio: Mr Rikkard Ambrose and Miss Lilly Linton, the main Characters of Robert Thier's 'Storm and Silence'. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful evening, Mr Ambrose, Miss Linton."

Mr Ambrose: **Cold Silence**

Lilly: "Why did you thank him first? It's because he's a man and I'm not, is it? You oppose the equality of men and women, don't you?"

Interviewer: "Um... let me assure you, my dear young lady..."

Lilly: "I'm not 'your' anything! And don't try to flatter me, either!"

Mr Ambrose: **Cold Silence**

Interviewer: "Let me assure you, Miss Linton, I meant no offence. No offence at all. It was simply coincidence."

Lilly: "Ha! A likely story!"

Mr Ambrose: **More Silence. About 35.7 degrees colder than the last one**

Interviewer: "Err... well, if we could get back to the matter at hand? The interview. Let's start off with something simple. Please, introduce yourself to our readers. Miss Linton?"

Lilly: "Very well. My name is Lillian Linton. Lilly, for short" **throws dirty glance at Mr Ambrose** "Although he forces me to go by Victor Linton"

Interviewer: "Ah... and why is that?"

Lilly: "Because he's a 19th-century fossil! He can't admit that a woman can do a job just as well as a man! So if I want to work at his office, I have to dress up in trousers and pretend to be a man!"

Interviewer: "Very interesting. And, Lilly... may I call you Lilly? How do you feel about that pretending-to-be-a-man-thing?"

Lilly: **Gives interviewer a death-stare**

Interviewer: **Clears his throat** "Um, very well. I'd say that's a clear enough answer. Now to you, Rikkard. I may call you Rikkard, may I not?"

Mr Ambrose: "No. You may not."

Interviewer: "Oh. Well, then... Please introduce yourself, Mr Ambrose."

Mr Ambrose: **very, very, very cold silence**

Interviewer: "Err... Mr Ambrose, in order to introduce yourself, you actually have to say something."

Mr Ambrose **glares at the interviewer** "This is a waste of time!"

Lilly: "No, it isn't. We get compensated for the interview."

Mr Ambrose: "What?"

Lilly: "Didn't you know?"

Mr Ambrose: "No. Nobody told me!

Lilly: "I wonder why. You have such a warm and inviting manner, I can't imagine anybody not wanting to talk to you."

Mr Ambrose: "Now you listen here...!"

Interviewer: "Please! Please, stay calm! This is an interview, not a debate!"

Lilly: "What a pity..."

Mr Ambrose: **Cold Silence**

Interviewer: "So, please Mr Ambrose, will you introduce yourself?"

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