Chapter 40

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AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Okay, I lied. There were a few more loose ends that needed tying up.  So here is the final chapter BEFORE the epilogue.  Once again, thank you for reading Broken, and I appreciate all your comments and votes.

This chapter is really just me going through my process of tying as many loose ends as I can before ending the story, which also sets up future stories should I wish to continue with the adventures of Alexa.  It also allows me to give more background to my original characters and take them forward to other stories of my own, along with a MI5 operative who has to change his own name to protect the innocent :)


Alexa George was more than just dead, killed in a car bomb in the middle of London.  

Thanks to Hillary Watt QC, the media had destroyed her as well.  Even Found Hope, the foundation Alexa had begun, distanced themselves from her, stating that she had long been removed from the Board of Directors and had had no involvement with the foundation for the past year and a half.  

Hillary accused Alexa of killing her husband shortly after he had been sentenced on the same day, denying him the appeal that she herself had allegedly prepared - for she claimed that she did have evidence that could have exonerated him from all the charges leveled against him.

Jools Siviter had never been a traitor, she told the media.  Citing his twenty-five year service to the the service, regardless of how long it took for her to detail every achievement her husband had on his vitae and not caring that she had the gall to release her statement at Alexa’s own memorial, Hillary Watt used the media to prove her husband’s innocence.  It became one of the most powerful moments in her career.  

Hillary was the hero’s widow, tainted by charges of betrayal leveled Alexa George who had been so psychologically unbalanced and broken by her imprisonment in Russia, that she had chosen Jools to be the target of her bile.  Hillary brought out legally obtained records of Alexa’s admission into Bedlam, as well as the five instances that Family Services had almost taken her own son away from her because of her dangerously unbalanced state.

Within days, the tide of public sentiment went against Alexa that even Found Hope had to shut their offices for awhile, having received death threats from strangers and their offices had even been broken into.

Hillary did not care that she had lied the entire time, even after Harry had begged her to withhold the facts about Bedlam due to patient privacy and the information about  Family Courts because none of the charges had ever been proven against her.  

“I will do everything in my power to prevent such confidential information from being printed in newspapers, Hillary,” Harry said angrily.  “You are breaking patient confidentiality and you know it.  She was my god daughter and you know very well that everything you’re saying right now are just lies.”

But Hillary was not about to be deterred.  

“She’s dead, Harry,” she said coldly, as they both stood just beyond the Millennium Bridge, her car waiting to take her to the memorial where Harry, too, was about to attend.  “While I have a career to salvage and two daughters I need to raise on my own, what does Alexa George need a reputation for now?  She’s dead.”  

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