I'm Still Here

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Robin POV

First day of school is today and I have yet to get up from this bed.

It was still pretty early in the morning but I couldn't imagine myself being in a classroom filled with people. I turned my body and faced the balcony opening. The curtains moved as the breeze from outside blew in. I could see that it was still dark out but the street lights were still on.

I can do this.

I mean I did sign up to go to school for a reason. Honestly school is the only hope I have considering I am not good at much things.

Did I really have to go to school?

I huffed again and turned on my back and just laid there closing my eyes.

The orientation went well. Except for the parts where we were practically forced to do group activities but I managed to get away from that. I didn't see Joseph again when he went on the separate tour. I was relieved because he seemed to like to ask questions to which I did not want to answer.

Why can't he leave well enough alone?

The school is pretty big so I would have a chance to avoid him if not for the fact he was my health teacher. I can't get away from this guy no matter what I do! The Gods above must hate me.

I finally got up from my bed and headed towards the bathroom. I stripped after making my self a bubble bath. I sat in the tub leaning back enjoying the hot water on my skin. I love taking baths, I been guilty of falling asleep in the tub many times before. It's just so relaxing.

After feeling myself staring to prune in the tub, I emptied the water and stepped out grabbing my towel. I brushed my teeth and quickly got my self ready and dressed in a pair of jeans, a shirt and some sneakers. I put on my sweater and laid back on the bed.

It was around 7:30 am.

I took out my phone and went through my contacts and looked for my brothers name. I haven't talked to Jackson since I left home. I pressed the phone to my ear waiting for him to answer.

"Hello?" I heard my brothers confused voice.

"Uhm hey Jackson. Its me Robin.." I said nervously. I don't even know why I was nervous. Its been almost a month since I had any ties with my "family".

"OH! Sup Robin Hood? How's life?" he said in a cheerful voice. It made me happy to here is tone because it made him seem like he wanted to talk to me.

"It's okay. I just wish I was m-" I was cut off by him.

"Yeah uh listen I'm kinda busy so talk later yeah?" He didn't even give me a chance to respond before he hung up on me.

I just stared at my phone in disappointment before getting up and grabbing my backpack and leaving my room. I grabbed an apple from the kitchen really quick a bottle of water before heading out. I went to my car and drove to the school. I was angry at my brother. Sure he never abused me and acted like he cared sometimes but I just prayed that on some level he really did care for me.

I turned up the music from the radio to drown out my thoughts. I have to clear my mind before I get to the school.


After finally making it through the first three classes I walked behind one of the school buildings toward the woods. My nerves were all over the place.

There were literally people everywhere in this school. I knew there would be people but damn. It was overwhelming. I made a mental note to myself not to get lost walking towards the woods. I manage to keep my cool in the classes, well at least I hope. After walking in the woods for a while I stood in front of an old gazebo. I stepped in and sat down. I took out my phone to check the time. I have to go back for my health class soon. I wish this day was over already.

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