Everybody's Changing

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Joseph POV

"Alright boys that's it for today, hit the showers y'all stink!" I yelled at the players ending practice.

I grabbed my stuff and went to my office. I sat down and sighed. This week has been hectic as hell. I have to keep things in check especially with school starting on Monday.

The door opened and Dean came and sat in the chair in front of my desk.

"Okay now that training camp is over for the freshman we gotta be ready for the rest of the team coming next week. I know you got that teaching job in the health department so just lemme know if things become to much or hectic for you," Dean said to me carefully. I rolled my eyes at him. He is acting like I'm some kind of child about to crack under the pressure.

I get he is concerned for me because of my past but people need to chill with their 'I'm there for you bullshit'. "I'm good Dean I don't need no babysitter," I told him.

"I know I know just saying if it gets too much say the word," he said. I just nodded wanting to be over and done with this conversation.

"You coming to the orientation tomorrow?" I asked him.

He scoffed, "Hell no! I have better things to do then to waste my time there." I looked at him before responding,"Yeah like what?"

"Sleep." He said it simply. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

I was a bit anxious about going. This is like when I went as a freshman except the difference is now I am a coach and teacher.

I'm a staff member.

That shit in itself is wild, I would have thought I would be doing bigger and better things by now.

But I'm alive and well that's what should matter. I can't help but I feel like I really wasted the best years of my life and missed a lot of good opportunities.

"What about you man?" Dean asked bringing me from my rambling. I cleared my throat, "What?"

"I said are you ready for the orientation tomorrow?" He repeated.

"I mean yeah. Its nothing to sweat. Just show up and they go over staff rules and school polices and all that boring shit and I'm out," I said answering him. He nodded. I hoped the orientation isn't too boring or might fall asleep.

But then again I have to keep my eye out for Robin. She left so quickly the other day and I been replaying the events trying to see what I did wrong.

Was I too forward?

Maybe she finally pegged me as a stalker after bumping into her three times. I mean even I have to admit that was pretty creepy.

But something was off about her. Most girls would have snapped at me or something but she just was so shaken.

Ain't nobody get that scared to be literally shaking all because of running into someone.

There has to be another reason. She seemed fearful but when we were at the coffee place she warmed up a bit. She not much of a talker though. But why did she run off like that. The look in her eyes, there was so much pain and sorrow. I have to stop this. I can't be thinking about someone I barely even know. Maybe when I see her tomorrow we can talk.

What if she doesn't want to talk to me?

Hell she didn't even give me her number so I can check on her.

I'll admit I was taken back when she refused to give me her number. I have to try tomorrow at least.

Good thing I was quick on my feet and told her to come to the orientation. She didn't have to come but it will at least give me a chance to see her and talk to her again. This school is huge who knows if I will get that chance again. I smirked at myself. That was a pretty slick cover up.

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