We Gotta Keep Moving

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Robin POV

1 week later

After that embarrassing encounter with that man at the mall again I went back into my shell. I shouldn't have gone to the mall. I thought I would be okay if I mind my own business but it seems like the universe is against me. This place was supposed to me my new haven. Sure I didn't expect to walk into my new paradise but I expected something good in the least.

I took a bite of the cold pizza leaning back on my bed. Its taken me almost a week to finish this pizza box. Its either I don't have an appetite or I'm too sad to eat. I finally got the strength to eat something this morning.

A whole week in this apartment can't be good for me. I haven't seen daylight in forever. My stomach started turning and I felt sick in an instant. I ran for the bathroom and puked my guts out in the toilet. I groaned and just sat next to the toilet and flushed. That's what I get for eating week old pizza that has been by my bed.

I feel so weak.

I should probably go grocery shopping and make myself a real meal. It has been nice not having to get up at the crack of dawn and cook a large meal. I got up and flushed the toilet and stood in front of the sink and started brushing my teeth and looked at my reflection. I cringed at the sight of me.

I look disgusting.

I need to clean myself up and stop moping around. School starts in a few days and I can't be down all the time.

I took my clothes off and stepped in the shower. Thinking of the events that happened that day. You know when something embarrassing happens and you can't get it out of your head? I wish the memory would leave me. I got soda dumped on me in public. It doesn't get worse than that. It could get worse but I'm not going to jinx myself. The thing that's weird is that it was to the same guy. I shivered under the hot shower thinking of his face.

He was one scary looking man with creepy eyes. Its like he could see right through me.

I stepped out of the shower, put my towel on and walked to my suitcase. I should probably unpack my stuff. I may not have much but I'm not going anywhere so might as well get comfortable. I got my undergarments and a pair of jeans, t-shirt and a sweater. It's probably hot outside but I wasn't comfortable with showing some skin especially with my frame. I grabbed my wallet and keys and headed out to my car.

I made a mental note to myself of things I wanted from the store while pulling out the parking lot. What do I even want from the store? It's not like I eat that much anyway.

After years of mistreatment I had gotten used to eating small meals either for punishment or not having the appetite. I want to change myself for the better so I can be healthy but its easier said than done. I just need to eat enough so I don't pass out in the school halls.

I pulled into the store and got out of my car heading in to the store. I grabbed a small basket considering I won't be getting much either way. I walked through the aisles trying to figure out what I wanted. I turned the corner and I saw a cart making a sharp turn towards me.

Not again.

I backed away but not fast enough and the cart bumped into my slightly. I yelped when it hit my side. Well at least I didn't fall on my ass.

"Shit I'm so sorry!" I froze. I know that voice. Please don't let it be him. I slowly turned to the sound of the voice and saw him. Big scary dude strikes again! Damn it! He looks at me and his eyes widen. He quickly walks towards me and I back away quickly only to hit the shelf behind me. I groaned at the impact.

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