Hurry Up We're Dreaming

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Robin POV

I walked out of my apartment and locked the door.

I was headed towards the school to register for my classes because school starts in a few weeks. This could also be a chance to walk around the campus and have an idea of where my classes are.

After a full week of crying and doing nothing I decided last night to clean myself up and go to the school. The administration had called me earlier and told me to drop by sometime this week. It's Tuesday today so it should be okay to visit.

I walked to my car before stopping in front of it. It's a miracle I could even drive but my brother taught me how to drive. The car wasn't fancy but it was good enough for me considering I had to save my money as is. Maybe I should walk. Get the feel of the place. I pulled out my phone and looked up the directions of how to get to the school.

Dang it.

45 freaking minutes to walk there?

I guess I'm driving.

I got into my car and started driving towards the school. I turned on the radio to pass time for a bit.

Just breath Robin. No panic attacks. Just go in get your schedule and walk around for a bit and go home.

Home.. feels a bit weird saying that. I never really had a place to call home. I never considered the place I lived with my parents home, just a house I lived in. But living in that apartment for almost two weeks now, I was free to be myself and wasn't worried about looking over my shoulder. I mean I have a bed, a couch, coffee table and a small t.v which I almost didn't get.

That was all me.

I turned into the school parking lot and parked. I got out of the car and started walking towards the main building. This place is huge! I am definitely going to get lost. Man its hot, I'm practically sweating under my sweat shirt.

Normally I wear jeans and and sweat shirts all the time but I guess the weather here won't let me. I passed by the football field and saw that they were having practice. I winced at the sound of impacts. I kept walking and saw that there were other students there having practice there.

I held on to the strap of my back pack and pulling on the sleeves of my sweatshirt and moved a bit quicker towards the building. Man this school is no joke.

I walked into the building and cold air hit me. Well here goes nothing....


After getting my schedule I decided to walk around the campus grounds. My counselor talked nonstop about how this school was great and took their sports seriously. I walked by the indoor pool in the athletic building. I just found the place where I have to take exercise science because it is a required class.

I'm not school smart at all but if I want to make it in this life I have to go to school. It's not like I have any other talent. I turned the corner only to bump into so one full force. I stumbled back a bit but a pair of arms held me firmly in place.

"My bad, I didn't see you there," said a deep voice. I looked up and was met with greyish blue eyes. I quickly stepped back from the large man and cleared my throat before speaking.

"Sorry I..I.I was not looking w-where I was going," I practically whispered. I could barely even hear myself. This guy was scary and intimidating.

"Your good baby girl. You okay?"He asked. I didn't bother looking at him. I just nodded.

"I'm Joseph but you can just call me Joe," he stepped closer to me and put his hand out to shake. I stepped back not taking his hand.

" Um..I uh..I have to.. um go," I turned around and scurried away. I left the building and started heading towards the parking lot to my car. I think practice is over for the sports teams. There are way more people than before. I practically sped walked to my car not wanting to run into anyone.

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