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"Who can play the guitar?" The red head asks, pointing his finger through the front row. All of the girls begin jumping up and down while pointing to themselves. I roll my eyes because I bet none of them know how to play a chord on a guitar.

"Can you?" An Australian voice rings through the room and I lift my head to see that he's looking straight at me.

"Me?" I ask, well mouth, pointing to myself.

"Yeah you!" The guy smiles, tilting his head.

This is a Michael and Calum fanfic btw (;

Malia Mathews

Age: 17
Height: 5'5"
Eye Color: Amber (Hazelish)
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black with blue/purple streaks in it.
Relatives: Alana Mathews (sister), Diana Mathews (Mom), and Daniel Mathews (dad)
Who is she?: however you imagine her to be! Photos used in the story will mostly be Andrea Russett but that doesn't have to be who she is (:

Alana Mathews

Age: 14
Height: 5'4"
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Relatives: Malia Mathews (sister), Diana Mathews (Mom), Daniel Mathews (Dad)
Who is she?: Anyone you want her to be!

    Yay! So new story about 5SOS!!!!!!!! All ideas written are all my own, and I have not seen any other story like this in Watt Pad, so I apologize if there is (:
I'm looking forward to writing more chapters to this, and would appreciate feedback through out the story! Let me know your feelings in the comments <3
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