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Well here goes Chapter 2:


"Whatever Tao. Just EAT!" Kyung Soo handed out kimchi-on-bread and warm milk. EXO munched on their breakfast as they traveled to SBS for the filming. They had woken up unusually late and their filming for Running Man would start in 20 min. Tao had complained about the rush to go out and the tight squeeze in the van and of course Kyung Soo had ignored him.

Declaring that they had reached, Lee Sunghwan, EXO K's manager led the way to the Running Man opening filming venue, the SBS filming. "I leave you to enjoy yourselves, but please stay safe!" Sunghwan cautioned. EXO nodded in unison and entered the SBS building (without their manager).

***************************** Finally...Luhan's POV

Woah! The SBS building is HUGE! I simply can't wait to start Running Man! As for my favourite cast member, it;s none other than Jae Suk-ssi. I really respect him, despite being nicknamed the Nation's MC, he's actually very modest! Oh, they're starting the opening. We rushed to the lobby and greeted the Running Man members, "We are one! EXO-imnida! Pleased to meet you!" I was a little annoyed when I saw Xiumin-hyung look a bit irritated when we started our greeting. Aish, never mind, he might have fears and troubles of his own.

Running Man had begun! Jae Suk-ssi started by saying, "Yes! Thank you EXO for guesting in Running Man's 2-week special and please individually introduce yourselves before we get into our teams!" Suho gestured for maknae Sehun to start and he duly did so, "I am Sehun-imnida, the maknae of EXO! I am very happy to be in Running Man~" I added, "And a extremely cute maknae at that!" Sehun grinned and nodded.

"Wow! He really is cute!" Ji Hyo noona exclaimed. The instaneous shock in Gary hyung's eyes was evident as he gaped, saying, "Aniyo! Aniyo! Ji Hyo, I am also cute!" Everyone laughed, breaking the ice a little. There was ALWAYS a Monday Couple moment every episode, if I must say so.

Kris' turn- "Annyeong! I am EXO M's leader, Kris Wu!" Everyone clapped politely and the introductions continued on and on....Baekhyun introduced himself as Bacon, I just said I'm Luhan the deer and even Chanyeol said he was EXO's Happy Virus! However, again, Xiumin hyung's introduction seemed a little sad, as if saying a farewell speech...again, probably my imagination...

Third Person's POV----------------------------------

"Since there are 19 people, we'll split into 3 groups of 5 and one group of 4. For the group of 4, it'll be Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Jong Kook and Ji Hyo . As for the groups of 5, the first group'll be Tao, Kris, Gwang Soo, Gary and Chen. The second group will be Jae Suk, Lay, Luhan, Sehun and Kyungsoo while the last'll be Suk Jin, HaHa, Kai, Xiu Min and Suho!" Myuk PD announced.

"Aniyo! Excuse me, I request to be in Jong Kook hyung's team! My team seems weak!" HaHa protested. "It's okay, HaHa. I'll make sure our team wins. " Kai, with all his competitiveness, declared. HaHa, his nickname Haroro suiting him to the fullest, shouted childishly, "Yeah! Kai daebak!"