Luke fight imagine for Amber

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Oh god. Luke will get angry. But is it really my fault? I mean he was the one with the dick. But I was the one with the- oh god HE'S HERE.

I shove the pregnancy stick in my pants as he comes in the bathroom.

"Hi babe." He casually greets. I form a tight smile on my face as I nod. I slowly try to slip out the bathroom but miserably fail.

"What are you doing Amber? Come brush your teeth with me. I got slightly offended so I jump down his throat. Oh well. Hormones are taking over.

"Are you saying my breath smells? That's rude." I sassily start.

"What?" He asks confused with toothpaste foam around his mouth. I groan and roll my eyes. Oh god. I'm too sassy.

"Did I stutter?" I retort. My eyes widen at my tone and I feel tears start to form. Oh god I feel so bad.

"I'm sorry!" I burst out. His eyes widened at my odd behavior as I form into a ball of tears.

"It's ok baby! Don't cry. I didn't take it seriously." He cooed. I look at him and he gives me a reassuring smile. I hug him and he wraps his arms around me.

I then hear a gasp. He lets go of me and there in his hands is the pregnancy test. Wow. Stupid pants. You're supposed to hide them.

"You're not pregnant are you?" He asked. I sigh and nod. He looked hurt and angry. Not good.

"I thought we discussed this, Amber! I used a condom. Are you sleeping with someone else?" He accused. I scoffed and felt enraged. More enraged than him.

"Lucas Robert Hemmings... You did not just accuse me of cheating on you." I say with gritted teeth. He showed a little fear but his angry demeanor overpowered it.

"This is such a mistake." He groaned.

"Hold the fuck up. Explain what is such a mistake, Hemmings." I only used his last name when I was beyond pissed. I've only used his last name twice. He knows he in the deep end.

"Having sex! I'm going on tour soon and if you haven't noticed, you're fucking pregnant!" He stated the oblivious.

"Wow. So me being pregnant with your baby is a mistake? Is it because you know you'll get shitted on from the media? Or is it because you can't handle taking care of someone that could look like you and have your last name?" I questioned.

"Stop asking so many questions! How can we get rid of it?!" He screamed.

"Oh hell no, Hemmings. We are NOT getting rid of this. If this means I'm gonna have to take care of this life by myself then so be it. I don't need you then. Matter of fact, WE don't need you if your gonna be like that." I included the baby.

"Look, all I'm saying is that I cant be responsible of a mini me right before our tour! Amber, this is a lot. A human life for fuck sake!" he screamed.

"Fine! We'll be out of your way! We don't need you. "

I walked out of the bathroom and went to the room. I packed my stuff up and took every last remaining thing of me. I took out a picture from a picture fame and zipped it all up in my suitcase. I'm renting an apartment because I am not running to anyone. They'll judge me. I could already hear the "I told you so's".

"Where are you gonna go?" he questioned. I put my suitcase on the floor and pull the handle up.


He sighs and watches me walk out and drive away. Without making anymore effort. What a great boyfriend he is.

A few years later

I put Lyric's pants on and fix her shirt as she smiles her gummy smile.

"Amber, someone's here." Kaylee informs me. I was currently living with her because the rent for apartments were raising and I couldn't afford it.

I pick up Lyric and walk to the living room. I see Luke by the door with a small smile. I move Lyric's hair out of her face. She had Luke's blonde hair. As a matter of fact, She looked like Luke.


"I need to talk to you."

"Then talk. We don't have too much time."

"Where you guys going?"

"Luke, just talk or leave."

He sighed and scratched the back of his head. He looked at Lyric and his eyes showed vulnerability and love. I purse my lips.

"Can I hold her?" he asked. He seemed afraid to ask.

"Yeah. Be careful." I spoke. He brought his arms to her and she hesitantly went to him. She immediately cried and his eyes widened.

"Oh baby, it's ok. Mommy's got you." I coo. I take her back and Kaylee intervenes and get's Lyric. I thank her and bring my attention back to Luke.

"Can I be here now?" he asked.


"I mean, can I just, ugh wait, can I be here for her?"

"Like you want to be a part of Lyric's life now? Like now now?" I persist.


"You had many years to come back. You left her when she wasn't even born. You're coming back. Wow." I said in disbelief.

"I needed time to think." He tried.

"Not almost 3 years, Luke. Look, I'll make you a deal. If you prove that you will stay with Lyric and I and fully support her, I will let you be there for her." I give in.

"Yes! I will!" he agreed. He looked persistent and excited to be here for her. And he was there for her. She got used to him and spent time with him as she got older. He was a dad to her. He tried and failed sometimes.

She became a daddy's girl but still kept close to me. Kaylee was always there for her as well. We were all she needed. Even Luke's band mates came and helped.



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