Chapter 19neteen ~ Girly Talk And A Dance

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*Wynter's POV*

We all piled up on the couch in our pj's this time. I put a strawberry into my mouth and chewed the sweet goodness.

"Starting with Aqua, tell us EVERYTHING!" EI said.

Aqua blushed a deep shade of red before yelling, "I'M THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!" She took a deep, composing breath. "I can't believe he asked me to the dance! I like him so, so, sooo much! He's so perfect and adorable. That was the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me!"

We all 'aww'ed and motioned for Hazel to speak. "I haven't known Liam for long, but I already have a HUGE crush on him! Nobody has ever cared for me like that, and I've known him for less than a day. He's just so sweet and caring..." Her voice trailed off, indicating she was done.

Everyone's eager eyes focused on me and I looked down at my hands while slightly blushing. "I have a crush on Zayn. It's small but it's deffinitely there." I felt tons of arms around me and realized they were all hugging me. The all awwed and I noticed complete shock and happiness for me on Aqua and Scarlet's faces. They knew I was scared of guys and were probably were proud that I was getting better.

*The next day*

All of us girls were at Scarlet's house getting ready for the dance. These were mine our dresses and we all decided to dress alike because El thought it would be cute. (Pic above)

The boys had gotten ready at their place and would be picking us up any minute and we were all still running around, trying to do last-minute makeup, and find our purses. The girls had decided that when the boys came that I'll be last so that they could see mine and Zayn's reactions to each other. I swear, I couldn't have better friends.

El opened the door and there were the boys all wearing grey tuxedos, except Zayn was wearing a black one.

I contained my excitement because I really didn't want to embarass myself. I watched over Aqua's shoulder as Louis smiled at El, hugged her along with a peck on the lips, and told her how beautiful she was making her giggle and blush. They stepped aside. Next Niall's and Liam's jaws hit the floor when they saw Aqua and Hazel. Harry hadn't seen Scarlet yet cause she'd backed up to give them more room. Liam quickly recovered and stepped forward with a silly grin plastered on his face. He took Hazel's hand, told her she looked lovely, and then stepped aside. Niall on the other hand seemed glued to the floor. Aqua giggled and stepped towards him. She pecked his cheek, which seemed to snap him out of his daze, and he whispered something inaudible but it made her blush like crazy.

Now it was me and Scarlet left. Scarlet was in front of me and I realized she was positioned so that Zayn couldn't see me. She waved the other three girls over quickly and they peeled them selves from their boys. "Stand in front of Wynter so that way we can save Zayn's reaction" she instructed and they took their places in front of me. I watched as she turned back to Harry and hugged him quickly. He pulled her by her waist out of Zayn and my way and then put his arms around her from behind.

She nodded, giving the que for the girls to disperse, and then I was standing there looking at Zayn. His eyes were about to pop out of his head and his mouth was wide open. I laughed and he stepped towards me. "You look absolutely breath taking." he said while gazing into my eyes. I smiled down at my feet and he slipped one of his arms around my waist as he stood beside me.

"You don't look too bad yourself," I replied.

"I believe we have a dance awaiting us," Liam said and we all filed out the door, each girl held at the waist by her date. When I got outside and looked at the ride my hands shot up and covered my mouth. There was a white limo sitting right there.

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