{11} A Little Bit of Fairy Dust

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Come, on. They were WAY too old for PDA especially in front of me. WAY TOO OLD. But I'd rather have them make out like teenagers rather than them argue all the time like Shaliene's parents. Even though it was mentally scarring me right now, it was sweet that they still had the passion going in their relationship.

I grabbed my bag from the front hallway, heading over to Cam and Seiko's house. It would be my first time going to their house since I moved here. I walked across the grass, up the steps, admiring the gorgeous tiger lilies before I rang the brass bell.

I was greeted by Seiko, who was wearing a pair of dark wash skinnies, a neon pink sheer hi-low shirt that has a leopard collar around the trim. She finished the outfit with some nude colored ankle strap wedges. "Look at my best friend looking all gorgeous, who are you dressed up?" I asked stepping into the foyer.

"No one in particular. He hasn't noticed in the last year, I don't think he's going to notice now." The blush on her face rising giving her away.

Composing herself she changed the subject quickly, "This is not about me, but about you. You missy didn't tell me about that you almost KISSED my brother."

She looked at me with her arms folded across her chest, awaiting my answer with a twinkle in her eye. Now I was the one blushing.

What was I going to say? I was somewhat confused about these new feelings that come with being in like with someone- Cam.

Or was I in love?

I can't be in love with him.

But I feel like I've known him much longer.

I do know that I REALLY like him more and more each day I get to continue to get to know him.

"Yeah-h, sorry about not calling. I was nervous, though," I looked at her sheepishly. "We were just about to kiss when my mom interrupted on the intercom with the worst timing. He didn't get mad or anything, he was a gentleman just kissing my forehead as he asked me to the ball as his date," I explained.

"I am SO happy that he finally asked you," she squealed as she started jumping up and down. "That's why we are going shopping today right after school. I can't wait."

We made small talk for a few minutes until Cam came down. He looked really good with a fitted polo that you could clearly see the outline of his muscles. His jeans were a perfect fit and his black, curly hair was messy like he just got from the bed. The look suited him really well.

Oh, good, Lord.

I am in trouble, BIG trouble.

UGH, I think I was falling harder than I ever expected to. It was like I was in limbo waiting for someone to turn the gravity back on just free-falling in the air hoping someone would be on the ground waiting to catch me. That kinda sucked- the not knowing part.

After School...

Classes went by quite quickly, which I was so grateful for. I was so ready to make a dent in this credit card. I grabbed my floral backpack and headed toward the fountain in front of the school when I heard my name being called.

I turned around to see Xavier running towards me. "Hey, what's up?" I asked him looking up at him.

"Hey, Rain," he said as he greeted me with a side hug, "did you notice anything different with Seiko? She's been acting weird lately."

Wait a minute, was he nervous?

I continued to look at him and noticed he was kept running his hands through his hair, confirming my suspicions. "No, why?" I asked him, wondering why he was acting jittery-Seiko.

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