Patrick Stump (Your POV):

Declan was usually a happy baby, always smiling and giggling, especially when Patrick came home.

Today was different, and Patrick came home to a screaming child.

"What's wrong with Declan?" He asked, walking into the kitchen; he kissed your forehead and ran a finger over Declan's cheek softly. "Whoa, he's warm."

"He's got a fever." You said and tried to coax the syringe of fever reducing medicine into your son's mouth. "He won't eat, he won't sleep. And he won't stop crying."

"But he was fine when I left this morning." Patrick rubbed your shoulders supportively.

You shrugged. "I called the doctor earlier and she said that sometimes fevers come quickly."

Declan's crying intensified and he moved his head side to side, pushing the syringe away.

"Here, let me try." Patrick gently took Declan from you. "You've had him all day, go get some rest."

You gladly handed him the syringe. "If he doesn't stop crying, bring him back to me, okay?"

"Don't worry babe, I've got him" Patrick kissed you quickly and nudged you towards the stairs. "Go."

The last glimpse you had of your two boys was Patrick cradling Declan and singing to him softly.

You practically fell into bed; the entire day had been exhausting. When you told Patrick that Declan hadn't stopped crying, you were not exaggerating.

It was amazing that he could keep crying all day, he must have gotten his longs from his father.

I hope Patrick is ok. You thought, eyelids drooping. The exhaustion outgrew the worry and you soon fell asleep.

The first thing you noticed, and the cause of your worry was the silence.

You looked around the room groggily, noticing the other half of the bed was empty.

The sun was setting, casting a purplish glow over the room.

You padded down the stairs quickly.

Patrick looked up at you, a sleeping Declan resting on his chest. "Hey."

"Hey?" You raised an eyebrow. "You got Declan to sleep?"

"And take his medicine." He said proudly, a huge grin on his face. "He even ate a little before he fell asleep."

"Wow, I'm impressed." You sat on the couch beside him and rested your head on his shoulder. "Good job dad."

"Thanks." Patrick wrapped an arm around your shoulder. "You know, I have a new appreciation for anyone who can listen to Declan scream all day."

You smiled a little. "Well you seemed to handle him perfectly."

"Ehh." He shrugged. "You loosened him up for me."

"I love you 'Trick." You said laughing lightly.

"I love you too (Y/N)." Patrick whispered.

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