Beginnings end

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I know I' am not the hero type but still for you I will move forward with everything I got. To the very end this world that you wish to protect I will protect it for you instead. So please let me act cool for this one last time. I raised my sword over my head and slashed the divine object in front of me, with everything I had. I tried to absorb the chaotic light emanating from the divine object. I felt my fingers shattering, my bones being crushed, and my breathing becoming difficult. My flesh was slowly shedding, damn it I can't let it end like this not after acting all cool in front of her. Even if my soul shatters it doesn't matter anymore I will save this world! This world where we met, where we had many great adventures, where we exchanged our promise for the future, how can I let such a wonderful world end! Gritting my teeth I poured everything into my sword when it suddenly breaks into millions of pieces. Without even thinking I let go of the handle of my beloved sword and tried to hold the divine object with what's left of my bare hands. If I can't destroy it, then I'm bringing it down with me. Though magic was never really my forte I still have this one trump card left in my deck. Spatial transfer the one and only magic I know of. Using my body to move the divine object to a different space where it won't hurt anyone other than me. I turned and looked at her, I left with a smile. My body and the divine object moved to a different dimension. The warm light that had so much destructive power enveloped me, my body and soul was shattering "I love you Eva" I smiled at least I was able to say that much...........

The story of their meeting, the story of their end, still continues as a new adventure awaits.

It was early summer. A fourteen year old boy by the name of Leonard was admiring the sky at a grassy plain. Beside him were his beloved twin swords "Chaos" The pitch black blade and its twin "Serenity" the calming blue blade. He stood up his red coat swayed in the wind, his black pupils gazed forward as he shouted "Damn this is so boring!" He looked around, behind him where a hundred of unconscious men. He started to poke one of them with the scabbard of serenity. "Hey are you guys going to sleep here forever. Come on stand up and fight me again! Aren't you guys the prided tiger something clan or dragon thing... Well whatever just stand up and fight me again! This is soooo boring!" No matter how many times Leonard poke the men they just wouldn't wake up. "Damn did I overdo it? Cause it's been a long time since someone challenged me." Leonard clicked his tongue in frustration. This world is so boring everyone in this world is too weak! Did dad lie to me? He told me it was alright to get stronger and stronger and someday something worthy of my strength would appear. Yet it's been a year since his and mom's deaths and still no one in this world could match me. There's no more challenge, even these guys who would've proven a challenge to me if they fought me a year ago turned out to be really weak. Leonard started walking with a sour look on his face clearly displeased by the events. Feeling something change he unsheathed his swords and showed a vicious grin. Beyond the clear plain stood a man with a majestic looking longsword though it was a clear and sunny day and the man was not wearing anything to hide his face. Leonard still couldn't see it, he couldn't see the man's face despite looking straight at him. It was not because Leonard had bad eyesight no, on the contrary he actually had an eyesight akin to an eagle's. So why wasn't he able to see the face of the man ahead of him. So many mysteries yet Leonard didn't care at all. He was simply delighted to meet such a man that his instincts where telling him, was dangerous. He had never felt such a thing before even when facing, wild animals. "Hey old man what is it you want? A duel perhaps?" Leonard started to question the man but was met with silence. Still Leonard felt elated and started to laugh "hahaha! Yeah! You're right no words are needed between swordsmen who both have drawn their blades. Only battle is needed right!" Without waiting for a response Leonard rushed forward. His speed was incredible in the blink of an eye he moved next to the man and slashed him. For a moment his hands turn into a blur yet despite his speed the man simply dodged by a hairs breadth. This brought even more joy in Leonard's heart "Yes this is it! For the first time in a long time I've met someone who could dodge my first strike. Now that I know you are worthy I'll show you my true swordsmanship."

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