A little Crave

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"How you doing tonight Atlanta!" Toni shouted out to the crowd as she spoke into the microphone, waving it towards the crowd.

10 000 people around. A crowd screaming and calling out for Toni Braxton&Babyface... Performing was Toni's ultimate high!

She could do this all her life without getting any sleep and never get tired. Because this is what she loved.

"I was thinking about retiring... Don't know what I was thinking. And my best friend, Babyface." She spoke turning her focus over to Babyface, but then faced the crowd once again. "Saved me." She smiled at him.

Babyface could feel the love and joy from their fans amongst the crowd of people. He stared at Toni as he held his microphone in the palm of his hands.

"I couldn't just let you give up on what you love doing." He chuckled.

Toni looked at him. As she pulled him into her embrace. Inhaling his scent, eye contact was made. Afraid of what might happen next. They both quickly turned their focus on the crowd of crazy and wild loving fans.

"We love you Atlanta!"

"Toni Braxton!" Babyface shouted out to the crowd.

"Babyface!" Toni shouted laughing.

"Toni Braxton!"


"Toni Braxton!"

Toni laughed as she waved him off. Walking hand in hand off the stage. Toni grabbed her coat that her assistant/niece Ashlee was holding up for her, as she put it on.

"Tonight was amazing." Babyface said to his drummer Elbert.

Toni looked from Ashlee to Babyface. As he walked up to her.

"What do you say? Me and you go out tomorrow morning for breakfast? Just the two of us." Babyface said as he flashed his million dollar smile at Toni.

She could feel herself blushing. As she quickly looked down fidgeting with her hands. For 20 years of being around this man, he could still get her to blush at his very words.

Toni felt her chin get lifted up and when she finally decided to look up, there she had met with Babyface eyes.

"So... Can I call it a date then?" Babyface smirked at her, with his eyebrows playfully narrowed at her.

Toni let out a low deep breathe. As she nodded her head. Toni didn't know if she was on another cloud 9 or cloud 11. Babyface leaned down into her as he placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning then." She flashed a grin as he walked away.

Toni smacked her lips together as she had noticed that she was actually drooling. Looking over at Ashlee who was shaking her head with a little smirk on her face.

"20 years and he still sends those chills down your body." Ashlee grinned. Grabbing a hold of Toni's wrist. "Lets you girl."


This is just a little something that I had in mind and I just had to share it with yall, since "Labour of Love" will be coming to an end soon, I thought why not start writing a new book! How did I do?

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