Chapter 11

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Stealing Hearts 6/20/13

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Chapter 11

Allison’s POV

To say I was nervous was an understatement. Today was the day that I was going up to the club level party. With the one and only Niall Horan who has been on my mind since the damn kiss. The kiss that had my heart racing faster than a police chase itself. The damn kiss that made me feel so clammy and insecure. The kiss that had my lips against his that captivated my life in a matter of seconds. The kiss that made me addicted for more. His chapped, soft lips against my moist, glossed ones. Niall damn Horan leaving me addicted for more. That bugger.

I straighten my outfit in the mirror one last time trying to calm my nerves. I don’t know why I’m so nervous, I’ve done a bunch of steals worth than going to a party. I blame the damn kiss. My curl hair rested against my shoulder flowing down to the middle of my back. My sweatheart high low dress clung to my body perfectly. The top part was a faded blue denim while the bottom was a flowly black. The back came down to about mid calf. My four inch black stiletto heels made me seem quite taller than my normal 5’5 height. Black eyeliner lined my eye lids making my gray eyes pop. My grey shadow eye shadow turned to black as it reached the edge of my eye. Mascara made my lashes long and full. Peach lip gloss covered my lips making them shine in the moonlight. My clutch handbag had sliver spikes lining the opening. The rest was just plain black. I straighten my outfit out once again fiddling with my hair. I had the front pieces on my left side pinned back with a small black flower bobby pin. The clock on the side table told me the time was nine, about time I should be leaving.

I take one last look in the mirror before heading out front door.

“Be safe my little criminal!” Ryan calls to me from the couch eating potato chips that are probably old and stale. I smirk walking down the stairs, having guys turn their heads looking at me. I ignore them with pride walking down the sidewalk towards the Ritz Carlton hotel where the party is located. A few girls and paparazzi are pushed behind a velvet rope letting all the people invited to the party through the doors with ease. I walk up to the doorman who has a list of people who are allowed to get in the party.


“Gray.’ He looks skeptic at me before checking his list. His eyes widen with shock when he actually realizes that my name is Gray and it is on the list. A smirk covers my face as the poor man gulps and slowly looks up at me.

“Aren’t you going to get the door for me?” I mock the man. He nods sheeply opening the door for me. This brings the paparazzi insane considering that they though I wasn’t going to be able to get in. Flashes all flash behind me trying to get a shoot of the girl they don’t know. Most of them kicking themselves wishing they gotten a picture when I first showed up. I walk straight inside the luscious hotel looking for Paul. I see him talking to some security that was standing inside in case the doorman had trouble.

“Pauly!” I screech at the poor man. A frown is placed upon his face but as soon as he see’s it’s me, it turns into a grin stretching across his face. He walks over pulling me into a hug.

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