Chapter 13

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"The door's locked."

"Oh of course it is." I rolled my eyes and sighed in frustration. Yet another obstacle in our way.

It was probably an observation that didn't need to be made, we should have known the door would be locked as soon as we got there. There were all manner of magical and supernatural locks and guards at Malick's disposal, but there was nothing quite so simple as a few mundane security measures thrown on top. Of course the door would be locked. Luckily I knew a way around that.

"Stand back." I took a deep breath, summoning the power was easy now, but I needed to throw a lot of force behind it if I had any hope of opening the door. I could do it, I knew I could do it, the splintered remains of the door to the Shadow Cells was evidence enough of that, I just had to believe that I could summon that kind of power.

The power rippled and tingled down my arms to the tips of my fingers, but I held it in, letting it build and build until the force of it was like a searing burn in the palms of my hands. When I couldn't hold it in any longer I thrust it outwards, towards the door with both hands, all the while envisioning the effect I wanted to happen inside my head.

There was a loud back as the force of my will hit the door. It didn't explode quite like the Shadow Cells door, I don't know why that's what I had been going for perhaps it was made better, or was newer, or Malick had any number of other enchantments protecting his own personal corner of Hell. But it still had the desired effect. The lock and hinges cracked, the metal snapping and breaking as the door was forced inwards. It moved a few feet into the room where it toppled over and smashed through a table that had been strewn with paper.

"What the Hell is going on! Jesus, Rayne, what the fuck are you doing here, are you trying to kill me? Because y'know if you are you're going to have to try a lot harder than dropping a door on my head."

"Really? That's what you're leading with?" I shook my head. Perhaps there was some residual pieces of the Fury's power still lingering in my body leaving my temper short and my patience stretched to breaking point, but I wasn't in the mood for playing these pointless word games with him. "You sound like a bad imitation of a super-villain. Give it a rest."

Lucas and I entered the room and I pulled off another swift bit of telekinesis to prop the door back in its place – the fading fury still in my veins made the movement easy I barely even had to think about it. The door would never hang properly without some new hinges but at least it was out of the way, the table on the other hand was beyond saving, I did however scoop up the loose pages that had fluttered across the floor and folded them into the pocket of my borrowed jacket for future reference. They might be irrelevant rubbish, but if they were in Malick's personal room, they might just have something interesting on them.

I was aware of Jesse watching me curiously. Surprisingly he'd taken my advice and had shut up, the verbal power play wasn't going to fly with me right now, and the fact that he'd taken my words on board actually gave me some hope that he might be responsive to what we had to say.

"So why are you here then? Weren't things clear enough the last time we spoke?"

"No, they were clear. You've taken up with Malick, he'll do anything he can to try and make sure we don't succeed in our plans. But it's not going to work, they've messed with this whole prophecised destiny too many times already, and still it keeps on working its way back around. So, you can either realise this now and come with us without issue, or we'll just have to force you out of here and find a way to make you see sense."

"Oh, straight to the point, well I suppose that is a refreshing change coming from you."

The sarcasm didn't suit him. Sure he'd had his moment back when he was a regular, normal human, before my influence on his life had corrupted him beyond recognition, but this was something new and cold, and I could see Malick's fingerprints all over it from a mile away. I knew he'd changed, we'd all changed and perhaps it would not be for the better of us as individuals, but we were all about the greater good, right? The big picture was always more important, there was never any time to be selfish and all of his wallowing in bitterness and resentment was nothing but selfish.

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