Christmas is for Family

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*Waves frantically* I am so sorry for making you guys wait so long, and I know this isn't a chapter, it's a Christmas special. If you haven't guessed that means that this chapter is set at Christmas eve, but this is the Christmas eve after Control The Beat and Before Keep the Beat. 

It isn't a chapter, but I think you'll like it! I'll try and update the chapter soon :) Merry Christmas guys!

"This is so fun!" I squealed, as I rode my shopping trolley down the isle. People were frantically moving out my way, scowling as I passed. "It's Christmas. Lighten up!" I snapped at them. People these days.

"May. What the hell are you at?" Shane grumbled, as he ran to keep up with me. "They're going to kick us out."

"Ha! I'm their best customer. I spend a fortune on sweets in this place," I shrugged, "besides. They love me too much."

"Why do I find that hard to believe?" 

I began to throw several boxes of chocolates into my trolley, and move on to the next shelf. "It's the season to be jolly!" I sang, "Oh pringles!"

"May, you're buying a lot of stuff." Shane eyed the food in my trolley. 

"So? Mum left me loads of money because she felt guilty, and gran added loads to that too, because she also felt guilty, and then Kelly gave me her apartment because she also felt guilty. I'm a rich women!"

"I still don't understand why you don't just stay at your house." Shane commented.

"My house is massive. I told all the staff to go and enjoy their holiday, so I'll be there alone. It's creepy."

"Is this your first Christmas alone?"

I nodded sadly. My parents were always away at Christmas. It wasn't much of a surprise really. Christmas is one of the most fashionable times of the year. From the age of seven to eleven, I spent Christmas with Gran, and then Kelly began to join us. But this year Kelly brought my Gran a ticket for a cruise, and then unexpectedly, Chris announced that his family wanted Kelly to spend the Christmas with them, and voila! Lonely May.

Of course Kelly wanted to refuse and stay with me, but I wasn't going to let her blow her chance with Chris again.

Shane smiled at me, "Shouldn't you get some proper food, for like Christmas dinner?"

I thought about that, before nodding. "Good idea! I already have a turkey, and Kelly basically has it all ready. All I have to do is throw it in the oven." I eyed the food in front of me. "I need cranberry sauce."

Shane laughs and tossed it at me. "And sprouts!" I shouted.

He frowned, "You like sprouts? Ew."

"Spouts are delicious okay! I feel so bad for them. Why should everyone judge them at Christmas?" I argued.

"May. They're food. They don't have feelings."

"How the hell do you know?"

Shane rolled his eyes. I saw Shane a lot over the year. He only lived one town away from me. He had agreed to go shopping with me. Melissa was away on with her parents to visit her grandparents today, so I was going to be all alone. Luckily I could choose between Josh, Chase and Shane.

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