Chapter 1

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Your POV
"Are you alright ma'am?" I ask the  woman through my voice modifier as I hold out a hand.  She takes it shakily and I help her up.
"Y-you saved my life." she said shaking my hand.  She looked about 5'4 with dirty blonde straggly hair sticking up every which way, her cheeks were stained with mascara from crying, her legs bloodstained. 
"Come on," I began. "Let's get you to a hospital, you could get a serious infection." I put my arm under hers giving her support for her limp. 
We walk down the alley leaving her attacker beaten unconscious, lying in a crimson pool of his own blood.
Roy's POV
Last I checked, the only vigilantes around here were Me, Oliver, Diggle, and Laurel.  Considering Sara left after being resurrected.
But tonight there was someone else out there.  Oliver and I heard the horrified screams of a female and naturally, we followed it.  But someone beat us to it- a female.  Oliver and I watched as she helped the wounded woman away. 
"Shouldn't we help out?" I questioned, watching them make their way down the sidewalk.
"She looks like she can handle it." He said.  I know he was thinking the same thing as me, Who is this mystery girl?

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