Truth Comes Out

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( A:N So, I'm going to try to write some, I'm not a good writer tho. If you have any tips for me that would be great. Sorry if this is trash.)

Lauren's POV

I'm sitting in Keana's bedroom on the small couch, with Lucy while Keana's on her bed waiting for Ronnie to get here from basketball practice. "Anyone else curious about how big Y/n is?" Keana asked. "That was fucking random." Lucy said between laughs. " I'm serious have you though?" " I have." I said quietly, while hiding my blush. "I haven't, ew he's like a brother to me." Lucy said while her face was scrunched up in a look of disgust. " Well I imagine him with a thick 8 inch." " EW STOP!" Lucy yelled, and threw a pillow at Keana. We all laughed. When the laughter died down. Keana spoke up again. " Does anyone like him more than a friend?" I blush and look down.

The truth is I do like Y/n, no I'm in love with him. I thought back to when we were in middle-school, when he first moved to Miami. Every time he would look at me I would get butterflies in my stomach. He's eyes were so dreamy, I could stare into his eyes everyday for the rest of my life. They were a piercing blue, cold and scary, but yet soft and gentle. His jet black hair defiantly helped his eye color stand out. I loved how when we would hug I would feel so safe, nothing could break me when he was holding me, the way I would lay my head on his chest and hear his heart beat, soothed me when i was sad, and calmed me down when I was angry.

When I would look up at him during a hug and watch his smile grow bigger when he realized I was looking. His personality is amazing he is so caring and understanding, how good of a listener he is. I once talked to him for hours about my softball game and how we should have won, but the stupid referee couldn't see apparently. He always puts other before himself which bothers me sometimes. I loved when he ran all the way to my house because I told him I wasn't feeling well and asked him to pick up my homework from school, he stayed with me and skipped school to take care of me. When he talks I find myself blocking everyone and everything out and just listening to him, the way he would smile and use his hands to describe something, the way he would laugh and talked at the same time just made my heart explode.

"Yooo, Lauren, where did you go? You spaced out for a minute." Keana asked, then smirked. " You like him don't you?" she asked standing up. " No." " Yes you do." she said getting closer. "No, what are you doing?" I asked as Keana was standing in front of me. Suddenly she jumped on me and pinned me down on the couch. " Do you like him?" "No, I don't." Keana started tickling me. " Admit it you like him!" Keana yelled. "NO! S-STOPP TICKLING-G MEEE!" I screamed. "Lucy help me!" Keana said. " Lucy no!" " Just admit it!" She said while tickling my ribs. "S-STOP! Okay-y I like him, happy!" They stopped tickling me.

When I caught my breath I looked up at them and they had faces as if saying 'go on'. " I've had a crush on him since he moved here. I don't know I just thought it was a stupid little crush that would go away." I paused. "But it hasn't." Lucy's jaw had dropped. "Damn..." They both get off of me. Lucy smirks looking at Keana. " Should have known, the way you look at him when he's doing something." She pauses for a second, and looks back at me. " Looks like your in love." I feel my checks heating up. " I think I am." "You should tell Ronnie how you feel." " I'm scare-" I get cut off with Ronnie walking through the door with a huge grin on his face as if he just won a million dollars.

" We um we have to go get uh." "SNACKS! We have to go get snacks." Keana cuts off a stammering Lucy and grabs her arm pulling her out of the room and closing the door.

Ronnie's POV

I was on my way to Keana's house after I changed and showered at home for the movie marathon we were having with Lucy and Lauren. Speaking of Lauren's so fucking beautiful, I just wish I could man up and tell her my feelings. My thoughts were cut short when I pulled into her driveway. As I walked threw the front door I heard screaming. "Admit it you like him!" I heard Keana yell. Well I guess Lucy has another crush that she's not telling us. I ran up the stairs trying too quickly get up there to help Keana try to get it out of her, when I heard Lauren yell "S-STOP! Okay-y I like him, happy!"

I stopped at Keana's bedroom door. Did I just hear that right. Lauren has a crush on someone. My eyes started to tear up as I heard Lauren say " I had a crush on him since he moved here." Immediately I thought of the guys in our grade that have transferred here that she spent time with. A tear rolls down my check as Lucy says " Should have known, the way you look at him when he's doing something, looks like your in love." I wipe off the tear with my hoodie sleeve. I turn around ready to leave, but I heard Lucy tell her " you should tell Y/n how you feel."

Wait! Holy fuck! She was talking about me! I jumped up and fist bumped the air before composing myself and turning the door knob with a huge grin on my face. Lucy and Keana awkwardly say they have to get snacks and rush out, thankfully closing the door.

"So um." She stands up rubbing the back of her neck. " I have to tell you some thing." We both say at the same time. We laugh. "You first." She encourages me. "Okay, well for starters I heard what you said." Her eyes widen, I took a step closer to her. "Okay before you get scared or something I just want to say that I like you to. I've always like you. I knew that it was something more than just a crush when you helped me and comforted me when my abuela died two years ago. I would have told you but I was scared you didn't feel the same." I whispered the last part putting my head down. I feel her pointer finger under my chin forcing me to look up. When I do I see her with tears in her eyes as she's leaning in, I lean it closing the gap between us.

Cliche as it sounds yes there were fireworks, yes there was a fucking zoo in my stomach. Her lips holy shit they're so soft! I can't even describe how happy I am to be kissing her. Her lips fit so perfectly with mine. When breathing becomes a issue. I pull away slowly, open my eyes and see hers still closed with her mouth slightly opened. I smile and lean down and put my forehead on hers and whisper "I love you Lauren Michelle." She chuckles and whispers "I love you Y/n." We stay that in that position for a couple of minutes just staring into each others eyes, processing what happened. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I ask. Her smile widens as she nods her head. "Yes, I thought you'd never ask."

I smile and kiss her once again. It started to turn into a small make-out session. But was cut short when the door swung open and Lucy and Keana fall on top of each other. "Ha heyyy guys what's uppp." Lucy says while smiling innocently, as Keana bursts out in laughter, following along with Lauren and I. "Chisamosa's" I mumble to myself, I guess Lauren heard because she giggled and kissed me again. "I know." "Y/S/N." Lucy whispers to Keana. Keana giggles "I know!" She whispers back.

After our little 'moment' ends we sit down on Keana's bed to get ready to watch the movies. "Nah you two aren't sitting on my bed together, Get on the floor I don't wan't to have to burn those sheets." She says dramatically while hitting us with pillows. Every one laughs, "Okay stop hitting us!" Lauren says between laughs. We get onto the floor and Lucy starts ' The woman in black'. " Why do you guys have to always pick scary movies!" I whine. Lauren giggles, God I love that giggle. She wraps her arms and legs around me squishing my chest on her chest. "I'll protect you!" She says in a deep voice trying to sound big and tough, but ended up sounding like a child. We all laugh and Lauren unwraps her arms and legs and gets into my lap. I wrap my arms around her waist and put my face in the crock of her neck. "I love you." I mumble against her smooth skin. I feel her shiver and see goosebumps on her arms when I look up. I smirk and her and she kisses it way. She playfully slaps my arm and says "Quit it." I put my chin on her shoulder and start watching the movie, with the love of my life in my lap.

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