Zombie Apocalypse AU Pt. 1

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Percy was sitting down at the dusty and broken table in his old school, Goode. Annabeth was talking on a phone. "Yeah? No, we're safe. Had a bit of a scuffle, but it's fine. How about you? Hm? Okay. Where should we meet? Alright. We're on our way." A long beep indicated that Annabeth hang up.

Percy looked over, pulling his green hoodie closer around himself. "What's going on?" Annabeth sighed, putting her camisole on over her tanktop.

"Piper and Jason were going to a protected temple for Zeus, and got attacked." "Are they alright?" "Yeah, nobody got bit. But Piper broke her foot, and we have some ambrosia. The temple's protected, it's by the library. Hazel and Frank are bringing food, Reyna and Nico found some more weapons, and Leo and Calypso are already there with some blankets and stuff. We're meeting at the rendezvous point."

Annabeth slung her backpack over her shoulder. Percy got his skateboard, and patted riptide in his pocket. Percy always brought his skateboard. It reminded him of his mother, who was in a safe house far away with Paul. Percy tucked his skateboard under his arm, and looked towards Annabeth. She was looking out the window, biting her lip.

Percy went forward, and hugged Annabeth. "They're fine. We'll get there." Annabeth nodded, leaning her head for a moment on Percy's chest. "Okay. Let's go."

The two left the abandoned school, and saw the sight of the ruined city. Stepping carefully over debris, Percy and Annabeth made their way to the library. It took much longer now without the use of public transportation. The intricate subway systems underground had been used by them once for a faster route, but it was found to be much more dangerous then they had anticipated.

Annabeth saw a large, over turned city bus blocking the way through the street. She whistled to Percy, who jogged in front. He leaned down, and Annabeth climbed on his shoulders to get to the top. Once she had pulled herself over the side, Annabeth turned, holding out a hand to Percy. She pulled him up, and they both were standing atop the bus.

Annabeth pointed down the streets. "We go that way a bit, and take a right. After that, we-" before she could finish her sentence, something slammed into her side, knocking her down on the bus. "Annabeth!" Percy screamed as the large zombie kept trying to bite at Annabeth's throat. She unsheathed her knife, blocking it's sharp teeth. Percy yanked out Riptide, and stabbed the zombie in the head, before tossing the body off the side of the bus.

"You okay?" He asked Annabeth, who nodded as he took her hand and helped her up. A hoard of zombies started coming, trying to climb up the sides. "Go!" Percy yelled, and they both jumped off the side, running in the direction of the library.

Annabeth sliced at up upcoming zombies with her dagger. One came up from behind Percy, and he swung and hit two in the face with his skateboard. They began fighting off the hoard of zombies.

"Think fast wise girl, or we're doomed!" Percy punched a zombie in front of him, and slashed another with his sword. Annabeth kicked one square in the chest. "Sorry, I'm a bit busy at the moment." Her eyes scanned the city, and they fixed on a half ruined building."

"Percy, make a path!" He nodded, and with an arc, killed three zombies with his sword, making a path through the hoard. Annabeth and Percy ran through, and Annabeth pointed to the building. "Go!"

They began climbing the upturned pavements, making their way to an open platform. Percy got the top. Annabeth was about to follow, and a zombie grabbed her foot. She screamed as she hit against debris.

Percy reached forward, holding out his skateboard for a handhold. Annabeth grabbed tightly, and Percy pulled her up while she winced in pain.

Annabeth looked below as zombies began climbing up. Percy ran forward, and saw a chunk of the building, mostly stone and broken windows. Annabeth and Percy went up to the large chunk. "Push!" Annabeth cried. They both slammed their bodies against the rock, moving it with all their strength.

The piece of building shifted, and then toppled over the side. It broke the platform. Annabeth and Percy slid. Annabeth grabbed Percy's hand as he nearly fell. They both tumbled a bit, landing on the ground with a large thump.

The building hit the zombies with a large crunch, and half of it collapsed to the ground. A large cloud of dust puffed into the air, and then it was silent.

Percy and Annabeth were breathing hard. Percy brushed his bleeding cheek with a swipe of his hand. "You alright, Annabeth?" He asked, and he turned. She was on the ground, blood coming a bit from her mouth.

"Percy!" She gasped, coughing. "Ambrosia." Percy dropped his skateboard, putting Riptide back into his pocket. He placed Annabeth carefully onto the side of a car, and pulled out one of the squares.

Percy helped Annabeth, and she ate the ambrosia. "You okay?" He asked, pushing her blonde hair out of her face. Annabeth's gray eyes looked into Percy's green ones. "Fine. I'm just.." She coughed. "I broke my ribs, I'll need a bit to heal."

Percy shook his head. "We gotta keep moving. I'll carry you." Annabeth swallowed. Percy helped Annabeth onto his back, and she held tightly to her dagger. He carried the backpack and his skateboard, and Percy spoke soft encouragement as Annabeth started to nod off on his shoulder.

"It's okay, we'll be there soon..."

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