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T W O: Loving the cute, but stupid

It wasn't typical that the boys got two days off in a row unless it was the weekend. Even then sometimes. However this Monday and Tuesday the band and hybrids stayed tucked in their home as Harry healed from his sickness. The stomach bug had captured him ruining one of their concerts. "Daddy 'otay?" Liam asked climbing to sit on Zayn's lap handing him a book, "Daddy's okay. What're you doing bubba?" Zayn assured, "Read it Papa." Liam ordered settling down with his back to Zayn's chest so he could see the pictures, "Alright baby, Says Green eggs and Ham." Zayn started making sure to use different voices for Liam's sake. "Papa?" Louis called kicking his football around, "No ball in the house Lou Lou." Zayn reminded, "Can you help me?" Louis pleaded, Zayn nodded rising with Liam in his arms, "Whatcha need help with?" He questioned following Louis to the kitchen table where his math homework was spread out, " 's due tomorrow." Louis complained, "Has she taught it to you yet?" Zayn asked narrowing his eyes at Louis who blushed, he never paid attention to his teacher. "I-I no know." He mumbled rocking on his heels. Zayn sighed sitting down with Liam still on his lap pointing to the other chair for Louis, "Let's see what you got. Lou this is easy bud, it's just like adding but it's called multiplying. Here, what's two plus two?"

"Four." Louis replied furrowing his eyebrows, "Exactly, so two times two (2 x 2) is four." Zayn explained as Liam turned on his lap running his hands through Zayn's hair giggling to himself. "So now what's six times two?"


"Close, add two more."

"Twelve!" Louis gushed looking for approval, "Very good. My babies are so smart." Zayn cooed leaning over to kiss Louis' hair, "Lee not smart, he no know math." Louis reminded, "He is smart. Liam's younger then you Lou, when he gets older he'll learn. You can teach him." Zayn encouraged, "I no teach him." Louis huffed resuming to complete his homework. Zayn pulled his phone out scrolling through twitter as Liam fell asleep on his lap his head tucked into Zayn's neck; when Niall strolled in Louis grinned, "Baba! We go play now?"

"Is your homework done?"

"N-no." Louis moped, Niall nodded firmly, "Then we can't go play. Besides Liam's asleep. He'll wanna play, don't you think?" Louis groaned, "He no good at football!" Zayn smacked the boys thigh, "Stop being so rude before you have to take your nap earlier." Louis rolled his eyes finding his Papa to be unethical sometimes. It wasn't Louis' fault Liam was a dumb baby. He always cried if he didn't make a goal, Louis was a grown up, he didn't cry Louis only pouted if he didn't make a goal. Which in his mind was way more mature.

"I done!" Louis called waving his paper in the air, "Alright bud, let me go check on daddy and then we'll go out." Niall remarked turning on his heel towards Harry's room. Peaking in he saw the man on his phone, "Hey you're awake."

"Yeah, I'm feeling better. What're the boys doing?" Harry asked sitting up to stretch, "We're about to go play football and then we have a(n) interview later." Niall replied to have him nod quietly. "I'll meet you guys out there." Harry mumbled moving to put shoes on along with his coat. Trudging outside Harry sat in the foldable chair watching as Louis waited until Niall kicked starting the game. "Do you want to play?" Harry asked Liam who had waken up to the sound but still cuddled into Zayn judging the game from the sidelines. Shaking his head no Harry opened his arms for his baby as Zayn set him there going to enter the game. "I'll be on Lou's team!" He announced, "That's two against one!" Niall complained, "Papa no good, it no matter." Louis assured with a giggle when he heard Zayn scoff. "Look at bubby play Lee, he's good isn't he?" Harry hummed stroking the boys hair, " 's good." Liam copied, "Did you have a good nap?" Harry questioned, "I 'sleeped on Papa." Liam replied moving his hand up to rub at his eyes. "We have a(n) interview later, which means baths for both of my babies." Harry chuckled hearing Liam groan. He just didn't dig baths that much, especially if he couldn't play in them. "Toys?"

"Just for a little bit. Why don't we go ahead and do yours, then Louis can shower with Daddy?" Harry thought aloud standing with Liam who giggled, "You's tall 'addy." Patting his backside soothingly, "I'm going to bathe Liam, Louis can just shower with one of us." Harry announced leaving with his baby.

It was always a struggle for Harry trying to get Liam to let him shampoo his hair, "Baby come on, it's just for a minute."

"Feels 'icky." Liam whined bringing his boat up to chew on, "It's only icky for a minute, then we'll rinse it out." Harry soothed squirting some on the palm of his hand before lathering it into Liam's hair to have him mewling and squirming, "Liam that's enough, you're about to get a spanking." Harry warned having the boy straighten up instantly. "Head back baby." Harry ordered gently filling a cup with water, pouring it over Liam's head Harry finished with the boy only crying out a few times. "Alright it's over. No tears! I don't like tears." Harry rushed scooping him up in a fuzzy towel. Liam rolled around on the bed the whole time Harry tried getting him dressed. When the boy had on a pair of boxers and grey skinny jeans Harry sent six slaps to his backside having him start crying, "Stay still Liam. The next time it'll be with the spoon." Harry growled annoyed with Liam's antics. He always acted differently when he was tired, but Harry was officially done with it. Sliding a maroon sweater over him Harry carried him to his swing ignoring his protests, "N-no 'addy! N-nno... 'sowwy, no 'ant swing!" Buckling him in, Harry slid his pacifier in turning on the soothing motions. Wiping the sweat that frustration had formed on his forehead Harry sighed seeing how Liam was already almost asleep.

"Daddy look!" Louis gushed riding on the mans back seeing the fans outside the interview going wild over the family. "I see baby." Harry chuckled, as Paul opened the door for them. Louis wore maroon skinny jeans with a crème sweater, both hybrids having grey vans. As they approached the interview's stage, Zayn set Liam down in the V of his legs rubbing his back calmingly before sending a pat to his backside to have the boy sit down on the floor. Niall set beside Zayn having the diaper bags for the two hybrids. Handing Liam a stuffed Tiger he gave Louis an I-Pad.

"Thank you all for coming my name as always is Emma Green, and today my guest are the one and only One Direction!" Emma beamed clapping along with the crowd. "Now, these two have been on here before, and last time didn't end so well. Did it?" She started chuckling with the boys as a clip from last time played. Louis had shoved Liam lightly for taking his toy causing the younger one to bawl. "That's right, didn't end as planned. However both boys are now more comfortable with the idea of sharing. Sometimes." Niall added chuckling, "Well they are very cute." Emma cooed, "How is the tour?" She questioned, "We are on a slight break for now, only have a day or two left, and then we go back for five months." Zayn replied, "Ooh, do they go on tour as well?"

"Yes, our kids attend tour as well. They also will be appearing at more concerts, Louis' request." Harry announced to have the crowd start up again. "I'll defenitly be coming to a show now." Emma giggled peering down at Liam who stared up at her, "Hello cutie. He has the biggest brown eyes." She added with a coo, "Biggest brown eyes that fool you whenever he's in trouble." Zayn corrected with a laugh as he sat Liam on his lap, "Isn't that right bubba?"

"N-no." Liam giggled snuggling into the man. Louis glanced up at the cuddle, his brother was an idiot, but he was adorable.


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