Afros are the secret to life

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Oh fuck. 219 reads on the first chapter?!?! I love you guys! Thanks so much for support and tell me who you want her to end up with and ill consider it ;) I will give a dedication to the first person who finds the MCR song ref.

SONG: I'm not ok music video

It had barely been five minute since the first bell rung and I was already shoved inside a locker. Just great. I slammed my head against the locker door, ignoring the pain that throbbed throughout my skull. I would of just kicked the door, but my legs were pinned together, and I began to feel g claustrophobia setting in. "Someone better let me out right now, or I will shove my foot so far up your-" the door suddenly flew open, the iridescent lights flooding in and practically blinding me.

Sadly, I was not expecting someone to ACTUALLY hear me, so I had been leaning against the cold metal door, resulting in me now laying on the floor. "Fluff a duck!" I groaned, rolling over onto my side and hugging my knees to my chest. Standing above me was the only person I wanted to see right now. The person that could make my pain go away.....Not. "You just don't know when to stop do you?" I saw the glittering blue eyes and dark hair of the schools jock- Jason Ren staring back at me.

His face was twisted into a bitter snarl, masking his charming features that would of made any girls heart melt. Anyone's but mine. He wasn't my type plus he was a total douche. "I asked you a question, emo bitch!" he snarled throwing me back against the locker. "Ump!" I squealed, kicking my short ass legs as I tried to get away. "N-No!" I gave in, "Exactly." he smirked, gripping me by the hair as he through me to the ground.

"Please stop!" I whimpered. My head was still throbbing from the locker banging and hair pulling- not to mentions the pain that was shooting though my ribs as he I felt his steal toed boots bruise my side. "Did I say you could talk? Huh?.... Answer me or I swear to god I'll-" Then suddenly it was all over, but I didn't have to courage to open my eyes.

I heard several grunts and curses to my left, but my head was whirling to much to recognize what was going on. Slowly I flexed my fingers over the slick- but very filthy floor, testing to see if I was still alive. Everything seemed to be working fine and yes I was still a drama queen. Slowly I pealed my eyes open, and almost cursed again as I saw a pair of boots in front of my face.

Slowly my eyes scanned over the scuffed black boots, grey jeans..... and a red T-shirt with the words "THE SMITHS LIVE IN CONCERT" hanging loosely over my rescuers long sleeved black shirt. The white lettering had begun to peal and fade a bit, but I guess it was just an old shirt. Or maybe a style. People seemed to be into that now a days. Either way I would of totally stolen his shirt had it not been awkward and we weren't in school.

I'm a weird person, obviously. Lastly, I noticed a head of curls perched on a very concerned looking face. Holy shit, this guy had a fluffing afro! I already love him... Ok maybe just his hair. Maybe I could steal it and hide it in my backpack... Dude you're talking about hair. Shut up mind! I fought a mental war without myself, before a slightly nasally yet somehow still silky voice cut through my retardedness.

"Hey. You ok?" I looked back up at fro man, licking my lips cautiously. "Yeah I'm fine... Er? Could you help me off the floor... it's kind of, you know. Covered in shit." I asked once I determined he wasn't going to hurt me with a light shiver. He laughed extending a hand and I swear to god it was the size of my face! Almost as big as Mikey's!.... Hehe... Almost as big. Ok! Back to reality!

I took his hand, standing up as I brushed myself off- and damn it! I really shouldn't be surprised he was a couple feet taller than me. Almost everyone was! I sighed, shoving my hands in my pockets as I looked around. Ok, Jason wasn't hear that was a good sign... At least this guy wasn't trying to kill me. Or maybe he wanted to get me alone to rape me! I could just pull on his Afro than... Cam! You're an idiot!

I was once again arguing with myself. I'm such a sad person. I realized I didn't even know who this guy was, not that I knew most people, and even fewer that would help me! I turned my attention back to him with a small smile. "Thanks for saving my ass... and I'm Cam. Cam Rain." I flashed him a grin, holding out my hand. Yes I still shake hands. Got a problem? "Ray. Ray Toro. And I know who you are." he took my hand. I swear if I was drinking something right then I would of spit it all over him. Where's Gee's orange juice when you need it!

Ray was yet another notorious member of the virginators, but in my experience I'd never met him, let alone see him till now. He was mainstream attractive like the others, just like Mikey wasn't. But, based on what I heard Ray could bed just about anyone with his easy going personality, and apparently he was extremely funny... and nice. Well, as nice as someone who was in a one night stand contest could be. I mean come on. I guess it wasn't that big of a surprise.

He had an Afro. Afros are fucking amazing and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. I kept opening and closing my mouth, trying to think of something to say as I stared at his expecting face while he waited for me to reply. Thankfully I didn't have to look like a retarded goldfish for long because in that moment the bell rung for second period. Wow, I'd been in that locker for a while I guess. I wonder why Ray was out of class...

Probably to stalk me down and steal my purity... Oh yeah! Class! heh! Thank You Jesus! I mentally cheered as I ran away from fro fro, not even bothering to look at his face. I don't think I wanted to know... Heh heh Jesus. I don't even believe in god. But, I believe in luck, and I think I just ran out. Now I just had to make it through the rest of the day, joy!


Lunch time rolled by and I wasn't the least bit surprised to find myself sitting alone in the crowded cafeteria. Well, maybe a little. Usually Mikey sat by me but today I noticed him chatting up some blondes sitting at a table closer to the stage. Needless to say, I was jealous. Way Jealous. Ha. Way. Anyways, I thought he'd come over after noticing me waving at him, but once he saw me... Well, lets just say no such luck.

I stabbed ruthlessly at the sad excuse for edible food in front of me, trying to shield myself from view with my hair as if I had some sort of damn super power or something. Whatever. I heard a slight squeak, and the table shifted just a bit, signaling someone was sitting down beside me. Obviously I assumed it was Mikey, but as I looked up my eyes narrowed and a fiery blush lit up my face. Ah, hell nah! Gerard Arthur Way was sitting beside me, a playfully smirk dancing over his face and his eyes gleamed tauntingly at me. What the hell?

Gerard never sat by us! I mean, I knew he and Mikes were close, despite being polar opposites. (I mean how would you like to hear, hey your brother has now slept with as many people as you! Now you both have to fight over his best friend!) For me that would be weird, but I even noticed Mikey look at Gee hesitantly from the corner of my eyes. Good. Bastard should of sat by me! Right now though I didn't care.

I just didn't want to be alone with him. As if things couldn't get any worse I fell a tap on my shoulder and noticed Gerard's eyes darken. "I believe I deserve more than a thanks for saving you. Maybe a phone number?" Ray.

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