Why is he here??

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I woke up to find myself in my bed. But, how did I get here? I was drinking at the bar. Was that all a dream? But my head is hurting like hell. I check my hand, it's scratched. So, it was real. But how did I get here? Maybe I am not a bad drinker and I managed to come back home by myself. Mark must have lied to me, he had always lied to me.

I suddenly remembered that he saved me, that stupid guy. I really don't wana see his face ever again. I got up from my bed angrily and shook my head to clear my mind. I shouldn't think about him, anyways I won't meet him again. And now I should get ready I have a job. But before that I have something to do.

I took out all the pics of Mark tore them and burned them. I also deleted all his pics from my phone. I don't want him or his photos or his memories in my life. I sighed, and closed my eyes for sometime.

Then I went to take a quick shower and got dressed. I'm not hungry so I locked the door and went for my job. My head hurts a lot. I took a medicine for hangover from the medical shop on my way.

I reached the restaurant where I work as a waitress. Yes, I who is the daughter of a big businessman, work at a restaurant as a waitress. The restaurant is just 5 blocks away from my home.

I went inside. The restaurant is very nice and only middle class people come here so there is no chance to meet anyone who might know me or recognise me. I went straight to the locker room to change my clothes.

"Hey, Jane!"said Emma and Lily together. Emma and Lily are my best friends. I met them when I came here.
"Hi, Emma! Hi, Lily!"I said hugging them. I really needed their warm hug after what happened yesterday.

Just then Eve came in. "Hi, Eve!"we greeted her together. She gave us a nasty look and went out without replying us. Eve don't like me and as Emma & Lily are my friends she don't like them too. I really don't know the reason behind this.

"As usual no reply, let's go."Emma said.
We went out to the dinner area, there were no customers yet.

"Hey, Jane, did you find anything about your boyfriend?"Lily asked. I know they will ask this question as it's monday and I take leave on sundays to find him. But what should I tell them. I can't tell them what happened yesterday, it will make them sad too.

"I was thinking, that I should move on now."I said trying to hide my sadness.
"Why? What happened all of a sudden? "Emma asked surprised. "Yes, why did you change your mind suddenly. You have been searching for him for the past six months and never gave up no matter how many times we told you to move on."said Lily.

"I thought its been enough now. If I were to find him I would have by now. Maybe he is not here and moved on too. So I thought I should move on too."I said trying to look casual.

They looked at each other then at me. "Ok. That's really great idea. We are really happy by your decision." Emma said holding my hand and smiled.

I know they won't ask me anything. They know if I feel like telling them I will. I really like them a lot. They are my true friends and really care for me. I never had friends like them.

I smiled back and they hugged me.

Eve came there and gave me a nasty look and said "Go and take orders of the customers."rolling her eyes.
Lily was about to give her a harsh reply when Emma said,"We were just going". Eve rolled her eyes and went away.

Emma went to take order. After a minute she came running to me,"Jane! Jane!" I looked at her confused and she continued, "That handsome guy wants only you to take his order. Maybe that's why Eve was irritated. Emma was smiling brightly.
"He is really handsome, just look at him."Lily said looking where Emma was looking. I turned to see who he was and I was shocked.

What is he doing here? Why is he here and why I have to take his orders?
I was irritated.

"I don't want to take his orders."I said irritated. "Do you know him?" Lily asked surprised.

I can't tell them why I don't want to take his orders and how I know him, then I will have to tell them what happened yesterday.
"No" I lied.
"Then go" both of them said smiling.

I went to him and said irritated, "What are you doing here?"
"Woah! Is that the way waitress take orders here."he said coolly.
I frowned. "Do your friends know what you were upto yesterday."he said.

"Don't you dare tell them anything."I hissed at him angrily. "Ok, I won't. Just smile and take my orders and I want only you to take my orders because, if your friends come here I don't know what will I say accidently."

I frowned. He is blackmailing me. I tried to force a smile and said,"May I take your order, sir?"
"My name is Barry not sir so call me Barry."he said.
"What would you like to have, Barry?"I asked trying to control my anger and forcing a smile.
"Black coffee, please."he said smiling at me.
I brought him his order.

"Maybe he likes you."Emma said winking at me. "I agree. He has been starring at you for past two hours."Lily said smiling brightly.
I just smiled and looked at him angrily.

He did not leave the restaurant for the whole day and kept starring at me. He had his lunch and breakfast here only. I was so irritated that I wanted to shout at him and kick him out but I can't. As for Emma and Lily they were very happy and they kept giggling and winking at me. They were very happy.

We work here from 9 am to 10 pm. We get more pay and free lunch and dinner. And I needed money to pay rent and other bills and to find Mark but now spending for Mark was reduced.

It's 10pm and we were about to leave. We went to the locker room. I was really happy that if he did not leave now I will really kick him out. But when I went back he was not there.

"He is not here?"Emma said sadly. "Maybe he is outside waiting for Jane"said Lily. They were happy and thought he will ask me out and drop me home too. We went out but he was not there. I was so happy but Emma & Lily were disappointed.

"Hey it's ok I was not expecting him to be here so smile now and go home."I said trying to cheer them up. "Maybe he will come tomorrow."Emma said and they both smiled and said bye.

Emma lived with her mother and Lily with her brother. They both had to earn to take care of their family.

I sighed and went to the bar. I took the same table and ordered the same drink. I drank three fourth of the bottle before passing out.

And again when I woke up in the morning I was in my bed.

Barry's POV

I told mom and dad about Jane and so dad dug some info about her. They knew I wanted to know about her and that I was concerned about her. He told me that she is the daughter of a big businessman Mr. Macarove and that she left her home six months ago for some waiter guy and she came here and is working as a waitress at a restaurant. Her parents don't know where she is now.

I don't know why but I went to the restaurant and just starred at her whole day and after the restaurant closed I followed her to the bar. I don't know why but I like to keep starring at her.

I took my corner seat in the bar and gave money to the waiter to change her order. Yesteryear she drank only one fourth of the bottle but today she drank three fourth. Then she passed out and I went to take her home.

Today also she opened her eyes and said with tears in her eyes,"I hate him. I trusted him and he broke my trust. I loved him and he broke my heart. I left everything for him and he left me." then she passed out again.

I took her to her home and laid her in her bed, starred at her for some time and then left.

I went out to run as fast as I can. I was angry, she is so hurt because of him. I have to find who is he. I don't know what I will do to him when I find him. I clenched my fists and ran with all my anger.

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