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It was during a Fan signing event when everything changed immensely for Seventeen; specifically Wonwoo and Mingyu.

Seventeen has a really busy schedule and currently they were attending a fan signing event somewhere in Seoul. The boys were dressed casually each and everyone looking exceptionally gorgeous. Woozi still has his hair dyed pink, Wonwoo and Junghan a light silver and Mingyu a dark greyish brown. Everybody else still has there hair the same color as before.

Fans were lined up into 13 columns each representing their biases. With the success of their comeback, MANSAE. Their fanclub bursted through the roof. And they were very thankful for it. It took an hour and a half for the fans to settle down while Seventeen made their way infront of the stage.

It was unusual for idols to take request from their fans, especially dares. But in this case, in the midst of making sure their popularity increases while also thanking their beloved fans for their comeback success they decided to have a game called, "Truth or Skinship''. It may sound bizarre but the fans specifically, their fans seemed to love boy on boy skinship.

"How's everybody doing" Hoshi took lead, his eyes forming signature 10'10, Seventeen were standing in one straight lines, nodding along to whatever Hoshi said.

(Left to right: Woozi, S.coups, Dino, Junghan, Joshua, Jun, The8, DK, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Seungkwan, and Vernon)

"Gwaenchanayo" (Good)

"So tonight, we are going to play a game and you guys will be participating as well" Hoshi said

"Ne, it's also because we want to thank you for supporting us in our comeback MANSAE and many more" Diva-Seungkwan butted in holding his own mike, some fans noticed he was standing specifically closer to Vernon that usual.

"So the game is called, "Truth or Skinship" well here is how it goes. PD-nim will go around handing 3 blank sheets of papers to each of you guys, and what you will do is write whatever you want asking for dares, truths and some punishments if we failed to answer the truth or do our dares we will pick a punishment from those baskets (points at the 3 large baskets infront) from you guys and do those. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?" Hoshi screamed, the other members were smiling while talking to each other silently




"Ne, aigoo kamsamnida" Hoshi sends put a heart his face looking all flustered and stiffed.

"So while Hoshi is calming himself why don't I hand the mike to our leader, S.Coups-hyung" DK said grabbing the mike from Hoshi's grasp, the fans screamed in silent appreciation from the not so planned affection.

"Let's start" S.Coups said while standing behind Junghan helping him mix the dares and the truths into one large red basket. "Who'll go first? Any volunteers? No? Okay I'll just let the fans pick. WHO DO YOU LIKE TO GO FIRST?"

"MINGYU!!!" Seems the fans already had their own agreement. With their camera's and phones ready they stood tense their eyes scanning anything that they could possibly catch.

"MINGYU'S our winner, so Mingyu-hyung why don't you take a paper" Seungkwan said while waving the basket under Mingyu's nose Wonwoo giggled when Mingyu suddenly became crossed eyed who laughed with him in the end, the other members smiling at them adoringly.

"Okay, here I go. So I picked a dare from Kim Casey and it says,"

It's pretty short, so this is my first seventeen/meanie fanfic and I hope you guys will support it. It'll try and update regularly

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