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Daron: God help me if I'm ever reduced to cruising Wal-Mart. Can we talk about music now?

ctan: You're the one who brought up New Jersey!

Daron: And now I'm changing the subject. Okay, 146 million views on Youtube probably means most of you have seen this already: Five Peeps One Guitar! (aka the group Walk off the Earth covering Gotye's "Somebody I Used to Know). Trust me, even if you are sick of the song (I'm not) you'll want to watch and hear the video in the headliner today. 

ctan: Reminds me of the Music for Bowed Piano. Stephen Scott came to Brown and did a performance with the Ensemble at the music department when I worked there. I have the albums on vinyl, but it's almost impossible to describe to people what was going on in the performance. Now, though, we have YouTube! Voila: (see comments below for link)

Daron: Amazon sells the CDs and MP3s of it now, you know. Here: New Music For Bowed Piano CD/MP3 (see comments below for link)

ctan: Thanks.

Daron: You think that's cool? In the world of YouTube, you can have parody videos spawn their own parodies. If you can think of something, someone will think of a way to top it. So from Five Peeps One Guitar, to Six Guys and a Ukelele: (see comments below for link)

 Walk off the Earth have some other cool covers to enjoy, too. Here's another one with shared instruments, a Beatles cover: (see comments below for link)

ctan: Check it out! Here's one covering that all-time great song about suburban conformity, "Little Boxes" ! (see comments below for link)

Daron: You found a way to drag it back to New Jersey after all?

ctan: Can't help myself. Like an old music professor of mine used to say, Everything is Everything. Hey, someone asked me the other day what your playing in the park sounded like.

Daron: It sounded like... me trying to play all the parts on the guitar, including the melody to a song, since I didn't sing. Plus Bart on the bongos, when he was there. Why?

ctan: Well, I went looking for a YouTube video that I could show to people that would give them the idea if they couldn't picture you doing that. And I ended up stumbling across another YouTube star, Sungha Jung. He's currently 16, but his videos of "acoustic fingerstyle guitar" started taking off when he was like 10 or 11. I don't know exactly how old he is in this one, but he's young enough to be playing a 3/4-size guitar. The Beatles "Come Together" has never sounded more complete on an acoustic guitar: (see comments below for link)

  That was him five years ago? Here he is four years ago with the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme: (see comments below for link)

  And just recently (my, how he's grown...!) doing the nearly obligatory Gangnam Style: (see comments below for link)

  And then because Everything is Everything, here's Sungha Jung. Playing Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know." On a ukelele:  (see comments below for link)

Daron: Okay, you win. Everything IS everything. 


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