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Relationships are like glass, sometimes it's better to leave them broken than hurting yourself trying to put it back together.

Chanmi is just a simple girl from a simple family with simple friends, but with that one breakup, everything changed.

A/N) I used Kai's real name, Jongin. Just in case you're asking :)

"Oh my god Chanmi, you guys are such a cute couple! I hope he's gonna like the one year anniversary present you got for him." Your friend sooyoung said full of excitement as she puts her hands together.

You just smiled shyly. "I really hope so too."

You and your boyfriend Jongin are together for almost a year now. Still two days to go to be exact.

"It's like you guys are meant for eachother. Just perfect." Soonyoung kept on saying.

"Yeah yeah, Sooyoung. I know what you mean." You said pinching her cheek making you guys laugh at your silliness.

But it didn't last for long as you saw your boyfriend flirting with the most popular girl in school, called Minah. He was leaning close to her, whispering sweet nothings as he almost kissed her.

You dropped your books making Jongin's gaze immediately turn towards you. Tears were forming in your eyes as you saw him.

"Chanmi.." he said softly.

Sooyoung couldn't stand it anymore and stomped towards him.

"Yah! You asshole you dare to cheat on my bestfriend! I take every word back that I've said about you just two minutes ago." Sooyoung said pointing at him with a frown.

Your boyfriend stared at you with big eyes as his lips were shaking when he was trying to speak.

"C-Chanmi, I can explain I-.."

"Don't need your explanation, I've seen enough." You said and ran away as fast as you could.

He ran after you, but you were too fast since you're doing athletics.

When you noticed he wasn't following you anymore you sat down on a bench and cried all your tears out.
That day you didn't came to school for the rest of the day.

Jongin still wanted to explain so he decided to go to your house and check on you.

Your mom opened the door.
"Oh hello Jongin, you're here for
Chanmi right?" Your mom said not knowing anything about the whole situation. Kai nods in response as she let him in.

"Well, she's not feeling well today and crying all the time. Did something happen between the two of you?" She asked.

"No, uhm, yes, I.. I just want to see her for a minute." He said struggling over his words.

Your mom gestured upstairs as he went to your bedroom finding you rolled in your blanket, like a sushi roll, with alots of tissues on the floor.

"Chanmi-ah. Are you okay?" He asked carefully.

"Do I look okay to you!" You snapped back coldly and took another tissue.

"I came to explain, about what happened this morning."

"I told you, I don't need your explanation."


"Go away Jongin! Just leave me alone!" You cut him off and the tears were falling again but you quickly wiped them away.

"I made a mistake, okay?" He said right above a whisper.

"Yeah sure, your hundredth mistake since we started dating. I hate the fact that I forgive you every damn time!"

For a moment, he didn't know what to say.

"Then don't forgive me." He said after a minute of silence.

You looked at him with a questioning expression as he continued his sentence.

"Let's break up Chanmi-ah."

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