Episode One

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Scene One

(This Scene Is Set In A School In Seoul)

(Callum, Is Teaching A Class Of Korean Preschoolers)

Callum: What Have We Learned Today?

(A Korean Boy Puts His Hand Up)

Callum: Go Ahead

Student #1: Um, We Learned Our Vowels

Callum: And What Are They?

Student #1: Um, E, I, O, U?

Callum: Correct

Student #1: Yay

(The School Bell Rings)

Callum: Okay, Everyone Make Sure To Do You're Homework, See You Guys Tomorrow

(All Of The Students Run Out Of The Classroom Just As Callum's Boss Mr Park Walks In)

Mr Park: Are You Busy?

Callum: No, What's Up?

Mr Park: Um, You're Going To Want To Sit Down

Callum: Okay

(Callum Sits Down On His Chair While Mr Park Walks Over To The Window)

Mr Park: As You Already Know, I Have To Deal With Budget Cuts And I Have Had To Fire Some Of Our Talented Staff

Callum: And You Want Me Too Help?

Mr Park: No, You're Fired

Callum: What?

Mr Park: I'm Really Sorry But I Have Another Teacher Who Can Start Tomorrow And They Are Willing To Work For Half Of Your Salary

Callum: Shit

Mr Park: Look, I Didn't Want To Fire You, I Didn't Want To Fire Absolutely Anyone But I Had To But To Make It Up For You, You Can Use Me As A Reference On Your Cv

Callum: Whatever

Mr Park: I'm Really Sorry, I Truly Am

(Mr Park Walks Out)

Callum: Shit!

Scene Two

(This Scene Is Set In Minjun's Apartment)

(Minjun Is Laying In Bed)

Jimin: Minjun!

Minjun: What?

Jimin: Are You Awake?

Minjun: No

Jimin: (Laughs) Funny

Minjun: What Do You Want?

Jimin: I Have A Letter From The Landlord

Minjun: What Does It Say?

Jimin: I Haven't Read It Yet

Minjun: Why?

Jimin: I Was Waiting For You To Wake Up

Minjun: Well, I'm Awake

Jimin: Great

(Jimin Walks In Minjun's Room)

Minjun: Why Didn't You Just Walk In Earlier?

Jimin: When I Asked If You Were Awake You Said No

Minjun: I Was Being Sarcastic

Jimin: I Know

Minjun: Anyway, Start Reading The Letter

Jimin: Fine

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