Chapter 22

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Evelyn followed Scarlet as the red head let her mistress through the endless twists of the palace hallways.        

The castle hallways were beautiful, painted beige white and decorated with thousands of gold framed paintings and priceless antiques, taken from museums all over the world. Evelyn remembered a few years back when an incredibly large and well organised human riot occurred. So large that it made onto the front page news of every magazine and newspaper.                                

The riot was caused because of some kind of artefact believed to be the legendary Holy Grail being discovered and Zayn wanted to preserve it in the Royal Palace while the humans believed that it should be given to a human own museum to be preserved and viewed by the human race. The humans claimed that since Jesus was the son of God and a human then the Holy Grail is the rightful property of the human race, but Zayn and most of the vampire race believed that their superiority makes the artefact rightfully belongs to them.      

The vampires won in the end, as always. And just like that, a valuable piece of the human history and religion would be locked up forever and never to be seen the light of the day unless Zayn wanted it to. Ever since the end of the Great War between vampires and humans, religion had became a strong point in the human culture. After you lose everything and you are constantly being reminded of your inferiority, it seems that the only thing that could heal you is the comforting words of God and the Bible.     

Evelyn wondered if the Holy Grail was in the palace somewhere; she wondered if Zayn would let her see it one day.                 

Evelyn was so long within her own thoughts and the memories of her father’s devastated face when he found out that something as precious and sentimental as the Holy Grail would fall into the hands of vampires and never to be seen by the humans that she almost didn’t notice the cool breeze that hit her when Scarlet opened one of the many, many glass doors in the palace that lead into the gardens.                    

She stopped immediately in front of the glass doors. The door was guarded by two enormous and scary looking guards, but neither of them paid Evelyn any interest.                    

“Where are we going?” Evelyn questioned the red head with alarm the moment she realised that they were heading outside. “I thought you were taking me to Zayn, why are we leaving the palace?”            

“Relax sweetie pie; I'm not taking you out here just to murder you or anything. Zayn had organised your dinner outside.”                   

“Outside? Why?”                    

Scarlet looked back at Evelyn with a look that mimicked the are-you-stupid look to the point of perfection. “I don’t know, he may find it romantic to diner outside under the stars; I'm not the King and I don’t know what’s going on in his head, why don’t you ask him yourself?”                

Evelyn frowned at the tone of Scarlet’s voice. Even though Evelyn had clearly instructed that she wanted the girls to be her friends, but they were still her servants no matter what and the tone of voice that Scarlet just used towards Evelyn was most certainly not the tone of voice that a servant should use whilst talking to her mistress.       

Evelyn bit her tongue to control herself from saying something to Scarlet. There was something in Scarlet’s attitude that didn’t add up. The red head lacked the discipline that Bree and Aqua possessed; instead Evelyn sensed some kind of hatred and a constant taunting whenever the red head was around.            

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