"Arthur! Can you please go shopping? We ran out of flour, eggs, and milk!" Ashling screamed from the kitchen.

Arthur groaned and murmured silently, completely ignoring Ashling "I'm reading."

"Ye should go out more often Art, you'll get fat if you don't!" Allistor said "Wouldn't want a pig in this house."

"Well excuse you, YOU should be the one moving! You've been reading the newspaper for hours!" Arthur said as he threw his book to Allistor's face

"Arthur, please?" Ashling said as he turned around to face her little brother.

Arthur groaned before standing up "Fine, whatever. Just--Money" he said as his right hand gestured for money

Allistor threw Arthur a small bag of money "There's seventeen aurums inside."

Arthur nood and walked to the door "I'll get going now."

"Get back before five!" Ashling screamed as she threw a green coat to Arthur's face which he almost fail to catch "Okay, okay."

• • • • •

"That'll be twenty." The man at the counter said. Arthur blinked and stared at the guy "T-Twenty?! It was bloody fifteen last week!"

The man scoffed "Wars kiddo, the kingdom needs more money and we have to pay more taxes. So prices change kid."

Arthur shivered slightly at the mentions of wars. After all, it never ends well. War can never end, yet it can always start.... It also took—

Arthur quickly shook the thought before it went to... Well, until it reached the deep scary stuff, and growled in frustration. "Make it seventeen. Twenty is to expensive."

The man scoffed and gave annoyed look. "Kid, I told you. I need to pay taxes! Pay or don't take anything!"

"I—My sister needs these stuff." Arthur said as He grabbed his groceries tightly "Seventeen or nothing."

The man stopped me and grabbed my wrist "This is my shop young man, my bussiness. You don't have the rights to tell me what to do!"

"I don't have enough money!" Arthur said with a groan peaceful my ass Arthur thought silently.

"Then don't take anything!" The man harsly said as he pushed Arthur away from his stand.

Arthyr stumbled down and hit the wet ground with a small yelp, It had just rained a few days ago so he figured it'll be muddy. "You git..." Arthur cursed silently as he tried to stand up, but he fell dowm again and realatatiom struck him his ankle is twisted

Arthur winced in pain ans slowly tried to stand up, forcing his legs to support him.

"So kiddo? Get twenty and I'll give you your stuff! Do we have a deal?" The man said with a smirk as he waved the groceries in front of Arthur.

Arthur opened his mouth to say something but was quickly stopped by someone

"I'll be taking those now." The guy said as he placed exactly twenty aurums on the table

The man blinked before snapping back to reality. "Ah, oh, yes. Ah, yeah, take it, yeah." He said as he shoved all of Arthur's groceries to the guy.

The guy took it ignored the crowd that was surrounding us and turned around to me "You need help?" He said as he gave me Arthur his right hand, Arthur-—not wanting to be pitied, slapped the hand and stared daggers at the guy. "I don't need your pity."

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