He sees you kissing someone else but still wants you..

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We were at mine and Harry's house playing truth or dare with the boys when I was dared to kiss Niall. I felt Harry tense next to me but I ignored it cause Niall and I are very good friends and it means nothing. I moved closer to Niall and kissed his pink lips softly. We continued kissing until we heard a cough from behind us. I blushed and crawled back next to Harry.  

''I'm sure he doesn't kiss as good as I do'' He whispered in my ear. 

''I need to try to see if it's true'' I whispered back. Then out of nowhere he kissed me on the lips in a way only he does.


Niall and I decided to hit the club today since it was our day off. Just as we were dancing together in the rhythm of the song I got thirsty.  

''I'm going to bring some drinks, okay Ni?'' I asked him and he nodded and continued dancing. I walked over to the bar and ordered a drink. When I got back from the bar I spotted Niall kissing some bimbo...He opened his eyes and saw me but continued kissing. I was pissed so I grabbed a random male and kissed him. As I was kissing him I felt hands grab me from behind and those hot lips that I always recognize kissing my neck and whispering in my ear ''she definitely can't kiss as good as you''.


-Liam's POV- 

I saw her. Two years after the break up. She was walking down the park with someone else. Someone else holding her hand, whispering sweet nothings to her ear, touching her, kissing her. Just like that he kissed her and the scene caused a crack in my already broken heart. Sure it was my fault that we broke up, but still... I love her. I felt a tug on my arm causing me to break out of my trance. 

''Lets go honey'' My fiancé Danielle told me and took me away. Away from her.


-Louis' POV- 

She had to. She had to fake date Harry for the sake of our careers...She was the one that management had hired to ''date'' Harry. She was my girlfriend's best friend. Yet she was the one sneaking into my hotel room in the middle of the night just to cuddle... She is the same person that had poured her little heart out keeping me up all night telling me her life story. The same person that only I know that when she curses she blinks twice, when she's nervous she's playing with her hair and so on...She wasn't mine but I still wanted her...


''Why?'' was the only question that Zayn has told me in the past half hour. 

''I'm sorry Zayn but I can't do this anymore...I love him'' I told him somehow my confidence slowly building up. You see Zayn had saw me kissing someone else...I know that I have hurt him but I can't help it... I thought I was in love until I met this guy on my college. I saw tears welling up in his eyes but he quickly hid it.  

''Okay. But please tell me that we will remain friends. Except from an amazing girlfriend you were and a good friend'' He told me again looking me hopefully into my eyes. 

''Of course'' I told him and hugged him. What I didn't know was that all along this friendship Zayn still loved me....


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