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The ship was stocked, and it was time to bid his family and fans goodbye- but there was no sight of that pig headed Elina. He was all packed and ready, and waiting for the okay to set off. He wold've been more than happy to start without her, but the king insisted they wait. The king stroked his graying beard while adjusting the glinting crown, just waiting for the dramatic arrival of Elina. It was comical, but Alkaois did not say anything.

"She'll be here," the King assured, "probably has her nose in a book somewhere." In truth, that was what she probably was doing- not any less annoying though. In fact, it was Elina's smarts that had caused him many of his lady friends. It was Elina's sharp wit and tongue that had landed him in sticky situations.

"I promise, Erida, you are my only love." He held the girl's pale hands in his own, and looked deep into her eyes romantically. (Or so he hoped, he didn't really know.)

"Oh Alk-" she began dreamily but was cut off by a pig. To his horror it had been Elina who had been eavesdropping.

"Oh Alkaios," she mimicked in a high pitch and Erida stomped her foot with anger. Her pale face was turning redder by the second, and Alkaios didn't know what to do.

"Elina," she hissed, "Get out!"

"Oh trust me, after this- you'll be telling your precious Alkaios to get out." This had piqued Erida's curiosity much to his horror. He knew there would be blood spilt, and it would be his for sure.

"Erida, I don't think-"

"Let her speak!" Erida bellowed, an Alkaios fell back immediately- scared. And then came the twist, out came another girl- whom he knew quite well.

"Oh my Aphrodite!" she screeched tearfully, "h-h-he's"

"With another girl, yeah." Elina rolled her eyes. "Erida meet Alexis, your lover's other lover."

"You pig!" The ebony haired girl cried, striking a quick right hook to Alkaios's cheek. He fell back, landing on his bottom well both of his lovers stormed out of the garden- much to Elina's amusement.

"Got what you deserved didn't you?" she remarked, her gray eyes sparkling. He glowered at her, struggling to his feet. Shamefully dusting off any remnants of his fall, he rubbed his cheek where Erida had struck him.

"Sure, but you will too-" he promised angrily before shoving past her. Of course, Erida never spoke to him again and Alexis- she would burst into tears whenever she saw him. (Which he kind of felt bad for, but oh well.)

"Oh, I assure you father- she will be here." A regal blond haired girl spoke up. He knew her as Aleta, Elina's very close friend- and the Princess. Aleta was as cunning as her friend, and true to her name- tended to be honest. Brutally honest when it came to criticizing him. It seemed she also harbored a hatred for him, but he could not see why. All the ladies always loved him, and as if reading his mind Loida marched towards him in tears. 

"You can't leave!" she wailed, and Alkaios looked bewildered. It was very sudden to see Loida hug him tightly as if he were to never return. And the King's uneasy look made him feel as if that was true.

"I'm not going to die, mother," he deadpanned- prying his sobbing mother off his chest. Behind her, stood his six brothers and seven sisters- all completely bored except little Cylos, who was five years old. (It was very hard to explain to people, just how busy his parents happened to be- and to mention that his mother was expecting yet another little one.) Cylos appeared at his big brother's side, holding out his toy horse. Decorated in silk and plain shells that gleamed in the sunlight, it was Cylos's most treasured possession. It was gifted to him on his second birthday, and had grown quite fond of it too.

"I want you to have him," Cylos said, handing over the toy. (Of course, Cylos's speech was much advanced for that of his age, he had many siblings to show how to speak correctly and curse correctly too.)

"Oh my little boy!" Loida hugged her Cylos, squeezing the life out of him. She appeared to be very touched, and Alkaios could say the same- not that he said anything but tell his mother to let the boy breathe.

"I'm here!" Elina appeared, in a muddy looking chiton and a small bag. "Forgive me, lord, but-"

"Ah, you're forgiven!" King Metiochus waved the matter away and Aleta gave her friend a look.

"Elina..." she sighed, before hugging her mud covered friend. "I'll miss you,"

"I'll be back," she promised, "maybe with Alkaios or not. He might die."

"Hey!" Alkaios grumbled, and Loida glared at Elina fiercely. 

"I like that girl." Alkaios's father nodded appreciatively. "She's got a good dose of reality."

"Phil!" He winced at the nickname, as Alkaios's father preferred his full name. Phil seemed so plain, so boring- but Philoteaus? That was a name.

"I was kidding!" he protested, as his wife beat his shoulder repeatedly.

King Metiochus waited patiently until the commotion had died down before bringing out the oracle. It was normal, and customary for before starting on the quest to receive a prophecy. Alkaios couldn't help but be wary when the dark-haired woman appeared, her green eyes sharp and malicious. He gulped, as sweat began to bead against his forehead. He wiped his large hands against his chiton, as green smoke began pouring from the Oracle's mouth and she began speaking in that eerie voice of hers.

"I'm nervous, are you nervous?" he whispered to Elina. Elina tilted her head, her reddish brown hair falling over her shoulder in waves.

"I thought we were going to die anyways, so-" she hummed, "this does not make much of a difference to me." Alkaios rolled his eyes. Perfect, he was stuck with a pessimist- that was going to be great in times of hardship.

"Well I think we will be fine," he replied, "in fact- I'll have a party when I come back. Yeah, a big huge party and I won't invite you because you'll be dead."

"Actually, according to my calculations there's a 82% of us surviving..." she noted, and Alkaois felt himself ballon with relief. Elina, as annoying as she was, was almost always right. And he knew that percentage was higher than what everyone had practically assumed it was- and that was good.




"To begin the journey, you will sail west-" the oracle began ominously- her voice raspy and unpleasant to the ear.

 "Alas, your strength and mind will be put to the test,

No monster can be put to rest,

All shall end in inevitable dea-"

 The King clamped his hand over the oracle's mouth, effectively cutting off the end of the sentence. It was of no use, for everyone knew what it meant.

"You better cancel that party," Elina whispered to Alkaios and he felt himself shut his eyes as the impending doom fell upon them, "it doesn't look like we're gonna make it out alive."

Loida began to wail once again, as Alkaios felt himself burn with embarrassment. He did not want the last impression of him to be of such, "Well at this point, death seems like a good idea."

"Yeah, your death seems like a very good idea." Elina remarked before turning on her heel and walking to the ship.


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