One Night

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One Night

                She called her parents and asked if she could stay here tonight, which they were okay with, and I grabbed her a t-shirt. “Shorts or pants?” I asked as I opened another drawer in the dresser.

                “Shorts.” She went back to the desk and opened up the drawer with my sketchbook.

                I pulled out a pair of gym shorts and set them on the bed. I watched her flip through the pages with the smallest smile.

                “This is how you see me?”

                I nodded and she just kept flipping through the pages.

                “You can change in here; I’ll go to the bathroom.” I grabbed a pair of boxer shorts and a tank top and walked out to the bathroom.

                Once I was undressed and redressed, I brushed my teeth and went back to her. She was still in her princess dress, the sketchbook had been put back though.

                She smiled over at me and asked if I could help her. I nodded and asked what she needed help with. She turned around and pulled her hair to the side to show a zipper.

                My lips suddenly felt very dry and I had to lick them as I slowly pulled the zipper down to the small of her back. I leaned forward and brushed my lips against the back of her neck and she let out a shaky breath.

                I pulled back and looked away. I didn’t want to kiss her, well, I did, but I couldn’t. I wanted her to think it all out on her own. “I’ll be outside. Let me know when you’re done getting dressed.” She nodded and I walked out, shutting the door behind me.

                I let the back of my head hit the wall and closed my eyes. She said she wanted me.

                The thought kept replaying in my mind, as did our kiss. She soon opened up the door and asked, “Do you have a toothbrush I can use?”

                “Yeah.” I took her to the bathroom and opened up a new toothbrush that I kept in case we ever had a guest over.

                I left as she brushed her teeth and went back to my room. I sat on the floor against the bed and waited for her to come back.

                “What are you doing on the floor?” She was leaning against the doorframe with an eyebrow raised at me.

                “I wanted to give you time to rethink sleeping with me.” I grinned a little at the sexual way she could have taken it.

                She walked over and held her out to me. I hesitated before taking it and standing up. She didn’t let go though, instead she climbed into bed still holding it. I was still standing on the edge and I realized I was biting my lip in thought. “You sure?”

                “Ash, one night. I just want one night. Please.”

                I nodded. I briefly wondered if I ever said no to her, and if I ever could, before I climbed into bed with her. I lay down on my back and she put a hand on my chest and her head on my shoulder. I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her closer to me.

                My eyes were drifting closed when I felt her move a bit. I opened them again to see her face inches from mine, close enough to smell her minty breath. She cupped my cheek and kissed me softly before whispering, “Goodnight Ash.” She rolled over and I moved to my side and wrapped my arm around her and pulled her against me, effectively spooning her.

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