Chapter 14

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4 Years later Dakota is now 10

Desire POV 

Hey yall everything is going fine in my life now my daughter is now 10 and im blessed to have her in my life. Me and august sometimes talk if it's about dakota. My baby is now in fifth grade and i still work my old job i got promoted and i get more money than i used to. I was snapped out of my thoughts from dakota coming in. And dont worry i let august see dakota and come for every holiday and to her birthday parties.

Dakota: ughhhhh

Dakota said taking her bookbag off and plopping dow next to me on the couch. 

Desire: whats wrong baby 

Dakota; i have homework (pouts)

Desire: girl you'll live

Dakota: did you speak to daddy ?

I nodded while eating my chicken alfredo.

Dakota: what he say

Desire: he going to come take you  out to dinner

Dakota: omg when 

Desire: tonight (smiles) so go get dressed

She nodded and ran upstairs to go get dress. This better not be like last time.

A couple hours later

I heard the doorbell ring and i went downstairs and opened the door seeing august holding roses. I smiled.

Desire: hi

August: hey 

Desire:um.. come in 

I let him in and he gave me the roses.

August: these are for you 

I took the flowers from him smiling. I looked at the pretty shade of red and pink on the flowers.

Desire: aww thanks august 

August: welcome

I went in the kitchen and got a vase filling it halfway with water and put the flowers in the vase. I went back in the living room and called dakota downstairs. She came downstairs and she shrieked and ran to august and hugged him smiling so hard.

August: hey baby 

Dakota: hi daddy 

August: you ready

She nodded and i kissed her goodbye and her and august left. I went upstairs and got in bed and got in bed. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. 

Next day 

I woke up in bed and did my hygiene stuff and got dressed. I went in dakota room and saw her sleep in bed in her pjs. I smiled and closed the door and since today i aint have to work i went downstairs and made breakfast. I ate breakfast and got on my laptop looking at clothes i can buy online. I was still looking for clothes when the doorbell rung. I closed my laptop and got up and opened the door and it was august. He looked as if he didnt get any sleep. 

Desire: h-

He picked me up and started kissing me and i wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him back. He brought me upstairs and laid me on my bed and kissed on my neck while unbuttoning my pants and pulling them off. I moaned and he took off my shirt i took off his shirt and he took his pants off. 

Desire: wait..

August: what 

Desire: lock the door 

He went and closed and locked the door. He came back over to my bed getting in between my legs. 

August: i missed you

Desire: i missed you too 

He help*ed me take off my bra and my panties he put on a condom and put the tip in and the doorbell rung. August groaned and i rolled my eyes. Once august was about to get up i pulled him back.

Desire: its been way too long and i want you 

As we kissed and made love tangled in the sheets. Its true what i said its been to long since me and august had sex. 

A couple hours later

I was laying in august arms as we spooned i thought i never'd feel this feeling again. I felt loved something that is now rare in this generation. I got out of august arms and went in the bathroom. I took a shower and put on grey joggers and a regular white tank top and put on some ankle socks. I went downstairs with my phone and started to watch tv when about ten minutes later august came downstairs. He laid his head in my lap while we watched love and basketball. 

August: desire 

I looked down at him.

August: gimme kiss 

I smiled a lil and kissed him then after a while of us taking silly selfies watching movies and joking around dylan took dakota so they can go to the movies. Then out of no where....

August: desire 

Desire: huh 

August: im sorry about leaving you and dakota and i wanted you to know that i still love you and i cant sleep at night knowing that the two people i love most on this world is sleeping in  a different house and i cant wake up laying next to you and see your beautiful face while your still sleep and we cant go out to the beach as a family take family pictures and i want that to change will you be my girlfriend desire 

I nodded.

Desire: yes august

We kissed and spent the day together.


Guysss this isnt going out to a specific person or anything like that but i feel like this need to be said 

Not every relationship should always be full of doing the nasty a true relationship is full of trust honesty loyalty and the main thing love. Sound cheesy asf but its true..asf. Lol might update tonight cause tomorrow honestly im sleeping all fucking day after school im not going to be doing shit. 

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