About Hazel Lee Taylor

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Hey! I'm Hazel Lee Taylor!

My life SUCKS. I get bullied every day during the school year and sometimes during summer. My mom and dad are workaholics, so they aren't always there for me. They're always away on business trips so I always have the house to myself. I have no
friends whatsoever... Well now I do because Eleanor introduced me to all these nice people. I'm soooo grateful for this, and I hope that we become really close.
I cut because my life is filled with stress and pain. I don't know how else to deal with it alone; who knows, maybe with friends I will stop?

Anyways, I'm REALLY outgoing when I'm not being bullied. I'm laid back but can be hyper, I hate sluts and attention hogs, l care for people and I think of myself as a trustworthy and caring person. I'm fun and not afraid to do crazy stuff. My favourite colours are pink and purple, favourite food is chocolate, and I love gymnastics, favourite bands are Maroon 5 and One Direction!

Now I'm gonna go hang with the girls, bye! MUAH!

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