Chapter 17venteen ~ New Beginnings

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A/N: I've decided to skip the part when the redecorate the house because I'm just that lazy and I'm at the skating rink with my cousins looking at cute white guys :)

*Unknown's POV*

I was walking through the mall pulling at the black sleeves of my sweatshirt. I wanted to keep the thin scars on my wrists covered as best I could. In fact, that's one of the reasons I was here. I needed some new wrist bands to hide them and a little bit of shopping would make me feel better. Wondering why I'm not feeling happy and cut? Well you go get bullied at school every day and during the summer get hit by your ex-boyfriend at random times with no friends to help you, then call me and tell me if you feel/act any different.

After I left 'Hot Topic' with three wristbands on each hand, I decided on going to Forever 21. I made my way across the mall, stopping to look at the maps every now and then. I started walking in, looking down at my wristbands smiling, I ended up bumped into someone and we both fell on the ground.

"I'm so sorry!" I said as I helped pick up her many bags.

"Oh it's alright," spoke a female British accent. I looked at her and my mouth dropped open. Standing right in front of me was Eleanor Calder and three other girls that I didn't know. I forced myself to act like she was any other person because she probably hates when she can't be in public without people freaking out.

"You can catch flies with your mouth open," she laughed.

I smiled slightly and closed my mouth. "I-I'm Hazel. Sorry for knocking you down." I stuck my hand out for her to shake, but she pulled me into a hug instead.

I stood in shock, eventually finding the sense to hug back. "You didn't mean to. Plus it was half my fault." Was this a dream? This girl was so nice to me. Most people bully me. "You're a fan, I see," she said motioning to my bracelets.

I smiled more and nodded. "They're my idols; but I'm not one of those psychotic fans."

She laughed, "I can tell. You're not harassing me for their numbers, which is quite a relief."

"I assumed it gets annoying," I simply said.

She nodded.

"Oh, Hazel, these are my friends Aqua, Scarlet, and Wynter." Eleanor pointed at a blue haired girl, a white haired one, and a red haired one. They all said 'hello' and waved. "We were just about to get lunch before leaving, would you like to join us?"

I was in absolute shock at her words. Not because this was THE Eleanor Calder, but because she's treating me sort of like a friend. "Sure!" I replied with a wide grin. I began to follow them and walked beside Scarlet.

"So, how old are you?" she asks me.

"Seventeen. You?"

"Same! I can already tell we're gonna get along," she said with a sincere and friendly look. Was I getting friends? Were these people accepting me? My mind said no, that it was a trick. But my heart told me they were my
friends. And my gut told me the same thing. I think taking the chance to make some friends would be worth the pain if they don't turn out to be who I think they are.

When we arrived at the food court, we all went to Subway and waited in line for our turn to order. We each put in our share of money and found a table near the edge of them all. "So, why are you shopping?" I asked to try to start a conversation.

"We've got a dance to go to tomorrow and needed new dresses," Wynter said.

"Just a question, but are you three dating any of the boys? Cause if so, I haven't heard about it." They laughed a little when I asked.

"No, we're their friends. Only El is dating Louis, which you probably know," Aqua said. We talked for a while and then left. I didn't buy anything, but it turns out I didn't need to because these girls made me feel a whole lot better. As we were walking through the parking lot in search of our cars, I saw them whispering between each other and curiosity welled within me.

Eleanor finally turned to me and said, "Would you like to meet the boys?" My jaw dropped and I stared wide-eyed at her. She wasn't serious, right? She'd just met me!

"Sure," I said happily. "Should I follow you guys in my car?" I asked. She nodded and gave me a address, a hug and waved goodbye as we both walked to our cars. I pulled out and drove over to where her car was parked and saw she was ready to leave, so I followed her out of the
parking lot. When we hit a red light, I looked at my wrists with a smile and whispered, "Maybe this is a new beginning."

The drive was about twenty minutes long and before I knew it, I was standing at One Direction's front door. I stared in awe at there house. It was HUGE! What if they don't like me? What if they laugh at me like others do? Even worse; what if they find out that I cut? All of these thoughts were running through my head when I was pulled inside by Eleanor. "What if they don't like me?!" I loudly whispered.

"Of course they won't like you; they'll love you," she said with a reassuring smile. I nodded and took a deep breath as I followed her into their living room. "We're home!" she said. They all turned their heads and waved while smiling and did a double take when they saw me awkwardly standing there.

"Make a new friend, love?" Louis asked as he came up to Eleanor and pulled her to him by her waist. She nodded and turned to me.

"Mhm. Boys, this is Hazel. We met her at the mall today," Eleanor explained.

Louis let go of his girlfriend and walked over to me. He acted like he was taking off a pair of glasses dramatically and said, "Hi. I(m Louis The Tommo Tomlinson, but you can call me Louis." I laughed at his weirdness. "That my dear friend is Daddy Direction, the Bradford Bad Boy, Curly, and our Leprechaun, though you might want to call him Nialler."

They all greeted me with 'hey's and 'hello's. I felt someone tugging me toward the couch and was sat between Liam and Niall, whom pulled Aqua on his lap when she was walking by to sit on one of the couches. l watched her blush and lean into his shoulder, making him smile. "I thought you said you two weren't dating?!" I exclaimed.

Harry laughed and said in his deep British accent, "They're not. They just act like they are." I made an 'o' with my mouth.

"Like you have any room to talk, Hazza!" Niall shot back. "You flirt "You flirt with Scarlet constantly and follow her around like a little lost puppy." I laughed at that as I pictured it in my head. Harry started  whispering in Scarlet's ear and she was blushing like crazy. I silently awwed and bet myself that they'd end up together. "SEE?!"

"Boys, can I talk to you real quick?" Louis asked. They all exchanged confused glances but nodded and followed him upstairs. I shrugged and turned to Aqua and Scarlet.

"Okay," I said to get there attention. "You guys may not be dating Harry and Niall, but you TOTALLY like them. You couldn't be more obvious and neither could they."

"Harry would never ask me out. He could go for much better," Scarlet stated sadly and Aqua agreed about her with Niall. Eleanor, Wynter, and I all gave them the 'The-Fuck?' look.

They must be crazy.

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