Heavy Wears the Crown

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"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown"

Troublesome rockstar and lead singer of the band Heavy Wears the Crown Nolan Doufer isn't exactly the kind of guy you bring home to meet dad, especially not for perfectionist Carter Reid.

Carter Reid was the girl who had everything figured out. She went to school, graduated with perfect attendance, a perfect 4.0 GPA, and scored herself a free ride to one of the top colleges in the country. Attending classes through each summer and holiday she graduates early, on the Dean's list, gets hired on from her internship and has practically everything figured out.

Until Mom gets sick. Choosing her dying mother over her job was the easiest decision in the world but when Mom is gone, and the clock is ticking before she runs out of funds the time to find a job is now.

Since the release of their platinum album Waiting on Virtue Nolan Doufer and his band members have had everything their hearts could desire. While his band members try to skate by through their upcoming tour, Nolan has a slightly different focus.

Girls, booze and drugs are more of Nolan's game. He can't seem to write anymore songs and he can't seem to be bothered cleaning up the never ending trail of messes he makes either. Which is what brings in Carter. To help keep him in line, keep him in line and keep the band together. Nolan, naturally, has his own ideas for their partnership.

Heavy Wears the Crown is a romance novel, with strong comical elements. I will do my best to keep you on your toes, keep away from cliches, and keep updates frequent.

Productive criticism is always accepted, I do however ask that you be respectful. Comments suggesting ways to improve the story, or spelling and grammar corrects are always welcome, but rude or unhelpful comments, not so much. Basically "I don't like this it would make more sense if...." is good "this story sucks!" is bad and not respectful. Etc.

I'm not the kind of author who is going to have my characters meet in chapter two and be in love by chapter 6. If you're looking for an instant love story with no build up or logical sense, you have come to the wrong book. I'm big on trying to keep things more realistic, I love the build up that makes the couple almost more than the actual couple, I love that couple that you are rooting for and shipping so hard that when they finally do come together it's like this great moment of awe and glory and you're screaming and waking up your parents in the middle of the night. Yeah, that's the kind of romance I like. The build up, the suspense, the realism.

I do feel the need to mention that there will be substance abuse in this novel, and I will do so in as realistic way as I possibly can. If this will be some sort of trigger, or something you think you simply don't want to read about at all then this probably isn't the book for you.

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I sighed heavily. A real shower. This was heavenly. I pulled all my hair to the top of my head letting the warm water assault the back of my neck I needed this. Peace. Quiet. And most importantly no-

"Nolan!" I screamed when the shower door came open abruptly. I pressed my front against the shower wall immediately to ensure he couldn't see it.

"Sup." He said casually with a yawn and stepped into the shower with me.

"Nolan James Doufer you get out of this shower this instance!" I yelled and pressed myself even further into the wall to avoid touching at all. This was not a big shower. It was designed to take up as little space as possible, the bus itself was huge, but for the six of us, no. This didn't work.

The bus had to fit in a fridge and stove, microwave, a small table, three sets of bunk beds, living space, room to walk back and forth and of course, the bathroom. Even with myself pressed so far against the wall that my breasts were painfully smashed I could feel there were mere inches between us and when he moved his elbow bumped me.

He laughed, apparently thinking I wasn't be serious. "This is not a joke Nolan! I'm naked." I hissed.

"Don't flatter yourself. I've seen better."

And here it was. The most humiliating moment of my life. Hands down. And I puked on my prom date's lap at an after party I had been pressured into drinking at that nearly resulted in losing my virginity.

"Don't look!" I screeched.

"Relax baby, I've seen worse too. God this feels good." He muttered enjoying my warm water. The hot water tank on this thing was pathetic, this is precisely why I was showering in the middle of the night to avoid something like this!

"You are insatiable!" I yelled.

"I know. You've mentioned." He said calmly. "Come on Red. I'm filthy. It's been days."

"T-that is not my fault!"

"Yeah but seeing as you're in charge of me shouldn't you want me clean on stage?"

"Get out!" I yelled again.

"Thirty seconds."


"Thirty seconds!"

"I'm counting!" I screamed.

I heard him chuckle and suddenly he reached around me, I jerked backwards to avoid his hand at my stomach and bumped into him, he took my loofa and I immediately forced myself against the wall. "Hey!" I mistakenly glanced over my shoulder to see him washing his filthy crotch off with my loofa. I turned my head away so quickly at the sight that I smacked it off the wall.

"We have a color system!" I yelled.


"What color is that?"

"Oh shit, it's turning brown."


He laughed again. "Quit being so uptight. It's called a joke."

"The color system Nolan. I explained this to all of you! You are green! Pink is mine!" I had possibly over stepped my boundaries in creating the color system, I was worried the guys would think I was nuts but as it turned out they loved it.

Our personal space in this bus was limited, the last thing we needed was to worry about someone else using our tooth brushes. So I had come up with the color system. Had hit the dollar store up for a quick and easy solution. I took a few command hooks and hung them in the bathroom, on each hook I placed a small goodie back of varying colors. For example, pink, I had pink razors, a pink tooth brush, a pink brush, pink loofa, pink tweezers, and ever toe nail clippers. Nolan was green, Finn red, Holden blue, Derek yellow, and Gunner purple. I had looked for black, you know, like the color of Nolan's heart but had failed to find all of the products needed.

And now my loofa was on Nolan's...his...well, his díck!

"Oh yeah. That shít's stupid."

I popped my foot up and kicked him in the leg.

"You just bought yourself fifteen more seconds."

"This is sexual harassment."

"So sue me." He muttered.


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