Chapter 16xteen ~ Terence

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*Wynter's POV*

We were checking out the sixth house and we were all getting bored and less hopeful of finding one today. But there was still hope. The young man led us to the next house and I hadbto say, it looked incredible. We got out of our cars and walked up to the front door. I could tell the boys liked the outside. Let's just hope they like the inside just as much.

We filed inside one by one and stared in awe at the amazing rooms.

"Feel free to look around," the realtor told us and we split up. I went upstairs along with Liam and Eleanor and started looking at all of the rooms. I was silently hoping that they get this house because it's amazing! I walked towards a nearby window and looked at the view. It was so beautiful.

"I hope they get this one," a voice said from behind me. I turned around to see El standing there looking around.

"Me too," l said. "This place is something else. But don't you have a say in it since you'll be living here with Louis?"

She nodded. "It's their money though, so it's their choice." She walked next to me and looked out at the window. "I'm so glad that I met you guys. l really am. You're so much fun. Don't get me wrong, the boys are a ton of fun, but it's nice having other girls around when I'm with them, you know what I mean mang?" She said in a weird voice and I laughed and nodded. "I've known you three for a few weeks and you guys are already some of my best friends and I feel like I can tell you anything."

I pulled her into a hug. "You're one of my best friends, too. l do the craziest stuff with you around." She laughed and I pulled away. There was a knock on the doorway and I turned to see Louis.

"The search is done. We're getting this one," he said. Eleanor squealed and ran over to hug him him. She pecked him on the lips and I started in 'aww'

"That's great, babe," she said.

"We're all leaving and going to do something fun now, so quit staring out the window like a lost soul Wynter and lets go," he told me. I rolled my eyes and scoffed as I walked back to the front door. As soon as everyone was ready to leave, we piled in our cars and headed somewhere that I was oblivious to. I turned on the radio and "What Makes You Beautiful" came on. Of course. Liam started singing, it being his part. Eventually Niall and Zayn joined in while Aqua and I were staring at them open mouthed. Hearing them on CDs and stuff was awesome. Hearing them in
concert had been amazing. But hearing them without thousands of screaming girls was completely mind blowing.

When the song ended they looked at us because we were still staring. l just couldn't find my voice. Why couldn't I find my voice?! Ugh. Aqua finally spoke and said, "You guys sound like angels while I sound like a dying animal. So unfair." Liam laughed and Niall patted her shoulder.

"You can't be that bad," he said. "A girl like you would sound just as good as she looks, and I must say you look pretty stunning." I watched in the rearview mirror as she blushed like a mad man and burried her face in his shoulder.

"Oh, just date already!" I said. "You act like it anyways!" Niall tried glaring at me, but failed when his face starting heating up at my words.

The rest of the car ride was filled with the boys singing and trying to get Aqua and I to sing with them, which wouldn't happen even in a billion years. When we pulled into a parking lot of a resturant behind Eleanor's car, which had everyone else in it, we jumped out and walked inside. I didn't realize until now how hungry I was and my rumbling stomach agreed with me.

We were seated quickly in a back corner in a large booth. It was Louis, El, me then Zayn on one side and Liam, Harry, Scarlet, Aqua and Niall on the other.

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