Chapter 15fteen ~ House Searching

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*Wynter's POV*

I woke up to see I was the only one still down in the movie room. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and made my way upstairs. I smelled waffle bater and danced into the kitchen. A big pile of waffles were sitting on a plate. I gladly put two on a plate of my own and went into the dining room where everyone else was eating.

"It's awake!" Louis yelled and everyone turned to me.

"Morning," I said and sat between Aqua and Eleanor. Zayn had a dissapointed look on his face, but it was gone just as quick as it came.


"Eat fast, Wynter." Liam told me. "We're going to look for a flat today and all of the girls are coming, so I'm guessing you want to come, too. We're leaving in an hour."

"Okay," I replied and began to quickly eat my food. Niall kept getting plate after plate full of food and I eventually dropped my fork and said, "How much food can you possible fit in you?!" Everyone glance from me
to Niall and started laughing. He
gave an innocent smile and a shrug as his reply before eating again. I finally finished eating. "I'm going to get a shower now," I told them all and walked upstairs. I jumped in the shower and washed my body and washed my hair before getting out and drying off. I went over to my clothes that I'd bought on our shopping spree and put on this: (Top Left Outfit)

I went downstairs to see everyone there except Zayn, Liam, and Louis. I must've been in there for longer than I thought. "Hey," I greeted them and plopped on the couch next to El.

"Hey you sexay thang," Scarlet said in a weird tone and winked. This made me laugh a little. Then Harry gave her the weirdest look in the world and I completely lost it. I curled up in a ball laughing like a maniac and everyone was probably staring at me right now, but I don't care.

"Oh god, what did you do to her?" I heard Liam ask. "Wait, I don't want to know," he said. I started coughing because l was laughing too hard to breath properly and Eleanor started
hitting my back. I eventually calmed down breathing heavily.

"Thank El." I said panting. She smiled. "No problem!" El was wearing this: (Top Right Outfit) Scarlet was wearing this: (Bottom Left Outfit) and Aqua was wearing this: (Bottom Right Outfit).

"You stole my hair style, El!" I yelled and lightly hit her shoulder. We both had side fishtail braids.

She gives me a oh-no-you-didn't look and replies, "I didn't steal it, I improved it!" Now I'm the one giving the oh-no-you-didn't look.

But before I could say something back Louis ran in and yelled, "Ohh, nothing to say!" He sat next to Eleanor and kissed her cheek. "This is why I love you."

She smiled and said, "I love you too, Lou."

"What about us?!" Harry yelled while looking at Louis. "First Scarlet flirts with Wynter and now you turned on me! Nobody loves me anymore," he fake cried.

"I love you, Hazza!" Niall shouted. Harry got up and ran over to Niall and sat on his lap as he buried his face in Niall's chest, pretending to cry. Since Aqua and Scarlet were just abandoned, they glanced at each other and ran into each others arms. Liam had a hopeful look in his eyes at me, but I only hug Zayn.

(Lol. Poor Liam has no one)

Maybe I'll begin to hug the others, but not yet. I smiled at him and hugged myself. He pouted and whiped away fake tears.

Then Zayn came in and I yelled, "Finally! What took you so long?!"

"...My hair..." he replied.

"You're worse than a girl," I laughed. "Come on boys; we've got a house to buy."

*At the Realtor's office*

The boys were sitting in the office while the rest of us were waiting outside of the building. "Im so bored!" Scarlet groaned.

"Me too," I said. "What is taking so long?!"

"Girls, we'll just have to entertain ourselves," Eleanor said.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked and sat next to her.

She smirked. "Do random things to strangers. For example, go up to people and ask them if they want to see your belly button." That made me laugh at the thought of me doing that. "Or act like a ninja."

"I'm sooo trying this belly button thing," I exclaimed and stood up. I looked around for a random person and when I saw a woman probably in her late thirties I casually walked up to her. Mentally preparing myself not to laugh, I blurted out, "Will you look at my belly button?" She turned to face me and had a weirded out look on her face and turned and quickly walked away. I started laughing and I heard everyone else laughing, too. Next I went to a bench and whenever someone passed by I barked at them and looked away. I could hear the girls dying from laughter as I tried to hold mine in. I glanced at the girls and couldn't hold back my laughter anymore when I saw Eleanor rolling in front of people and acting like a ninja. In a dress for crying out loud! I went back over to them and saw that Aqua and Scarlet were talking to strangers.

I decided to see what Scarlet was doing. I walked over to her and realized that she was talking in our secret language--yes we have a secret language, be jelly--to a man around our age. She has guts. I could understand her and knew she was asking for directions, but the boy looked beyond confused.

"I can't understand you!" he said. Scarlet acted annoyed and started 'yelling' at him in the secret language, which consisted of a lot of tongue rolling and odd sounds. He glanced at her one last time before turning around and running away. We both started laughing really hard and holding onto each other for support.

"Let's go see what Aqua is doing," I said as I wiped tears away from my eyes. We quickly found her on the sidewalk with something in her hand.

"Have you seen this man?" She asked an old man, who just gave her a scared look and walked around her. She asked the same thing to a middle-aged woman, a young boy, a teenage girl, and a man in about his twenties. We eventually realized she'd been
showing people her I.D. and asking if they'd seen the man on it. We both started laughing again.

"Guys!" I heard El shout. I turned to see her walking over to us. "I got an idea. We should tickle the boys when they come out!"

"Yusss!" Aqua said in a funny way. "I'll text Niall and see if they will be done soon." She typed something on her phone and within seconds her phone dinged with a reply. "They should be out in a couple minutes," she told us.

We all began walking back to the Realtor's office. "One of us are going to have to get two of the boys at once." I said.

"l can get Harry and Liam," Scarlet said. We all nodded and took our positions. Eleanor and me were on one side of the enterance while Aqua and Scarlet were on the other and we were all pressed up against the wall. I saw the doors open and mouthed 'one, two, three' and then we all tackled a boy, or in Scarlet's case, two.boys. I pinned Zayn to the ground and started tickling him. I heard laughter all around me
and smiled.

"Wynter... can't... breathe!" he managed to blurt out in the middle of laughing. I continued to tickle him. Well, until he summoned the strength to push me off of him. "Come on! We've got flats to look at!" he said and pulled me to my feet. He whispered in my ear, "You'll regret that." l laughed at him and tried to hide the small blush Thatcher appeared. We began to walk to our cars so that we could follow their real estate agent to the different places. Louis had El around the waist, Harry had Scarlet by the hand like Zayn did with me, Liam was walking in front of us all, and Niall had Aqua over his shoulder.

"LET ME DOWN! MY ARSE IS IN THE AIR!" she shouted.

"Don't care," he nonchalantly replied. We all chuckled and watched as she continued to demand being put down. He didn't set her down until we got to the car.

'They are so cute' I thought.

A/N: I feel so sorry for Liam. Every time I mentioned everyone doing something with a guy I felt so sad cause he doesn't have anyone :'(. He needs a girlfriend, PRONTO!!!

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