Chapter 5: Grillbz

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After a bunch of Puzzles, laughter, and puns, I was tuckered out. Before I knew it I was once again inside the skeletons home, I was standing by the couch holding a blanket. I covered Frisk and Papyrus with the blanket, as they laid there sound asleep. I sighed with a smile, looking at my sister sleeping peacefully. I feel so relieved to see her alive, it almost seemed to be impossible to make that fall from where I was looking. Yet (Weirdly) some how we are alive and well, except that my back hurts a ton from the landing.

"Caitlin..?" Frisk's soft voice came to my ears, she was looking up at me. Her eyes barely seen from her squinted lids, but she had a tired look none the less. I had walked over to her side of the couch, and gently Petted her head. "Go back to bed Frisk, I'll see you in the morning." I whispered to her, and she nodded as she closed her eyes completely as her breathing slowed down. I walked over to the kitchen, and started to look through the cabinets for anything I could eat. To no avail, all noodles and sauce.

I sat down defeated at the kitchen table, my stomach growling in hunger. I put my head down, taking a breath for the first time since I've left the ruins. A boney hand lightly touched my shoulder, I pick my head up off the table to see Sans looking at me with his white pupils. I couldn't tell what was going on within his mind, I waited for him to say or do something. We stared at each other for what seemed like hours, sitting in comfortable silence. He wasn't as scary as he was at first in my nightmare.

"I heard your stomach growl, and I know by bro's food isn't edible for you humans. So do you wanna go to Grillbz?" Sans asked suddenly making me flinch, I blinked at him with a questioning gaze. "What's Grillbz?" I asked him as I stood up from the table, and stretched out my sore muscles, he gave me a surprised stare and laughed quietly to himself. "That's right, you haven't been here before, you wouldn't know about that restaurant." Sans said to himself his words barely audible and I furrowed my brows at his words. Been here before? That's impossible.

It doesn't make sense, why would he say that. Of course I haven't been here before, if I had I would of remember all these monsters and certainly the fall. They are very sweet, not at all what I had imagined them to be. So why do I still feel fear? I know they wouldn't hurt me.. Every thing is fine, I'm fine, Frisk is alive and well, But I have this nagging feeling in the bottom of my stomach.. That everything won't stay fine, like something big & bad is coming. Something that I can't stop, I can't save them.

"Hey.. Are you alright..?" Sans unusual deep voice snapped me out of my thoughts, I smiled at him with a small smile. "Yeah, I'm okay, just thinking, nothing important. So I'd like to, go out to Grillbz I mean, I haven't eaten since I had fallen." I answered, Sans hesitated but nodded, he held his hand out as if he wanted me to take it. I took his boney hand slowly, as if he was going to play a joke on me. Nothing happened. "Come on Caitlin, I know a short cut." And With that I felt my stomach twist.

The kitchen walls started to morph around me, the colors started to disappear, until all it was darkness. I looked over to my right, and I saw a face in the abyss. His face looked like a skeletons, but his right eye had a crack going up his skull, his left eyes had a crack going down his cheek bone. I closed my eyes in shock at the sight of him, I could feel everything around me change, then a rush of winter air went through my hair. I shivered as I opened my eyes to see I was outside.

"What- What happened? That was the weirdest experience I've ever had.." I stuttered out my question, both from shock and the cold. Sans didn't answer me, he held open a door, a warm breeze rushed passed me from inside the building. I walked into the warm building, letting out a sigh of relief and rubbed my arms trying to warm up inside. I sat down in a booth on the side of the dinner, and lean back into the cushioned seat. Sans followed sitting a crossed from me, it was bit awkward with the music playing in the back round.

The bar tender came over to us, he was a fire man, which I would of found very odd but I am in a very odd situation so it throws logic out the window. He was very quiet, but somehow got our orders and left in a flash. "So uh, I didn't know what I ordered.." I whispered to Sans, he chuckled once shaking his head. "I order for you, I got you a burger and fries. I know your not used to being down here, there are tons of other monster you have yet to meet." Sans told me.

"So.. About your nightmare.." Sans changed the subject, and I let him. "It's okay, I forgive you. I just need to ask you a few questions. I need answers." I quickly said looking away from him, I closed my eyes letting out a soft sigh. I looked back up at him, his white pin prick of eyes watching all of my movements. "You attack me because you thought I was Frisk, Correct?" I asked him, he nodded not saying a word, almost as he knew what I was going to ask next. In Which again is very, very, very impossible.

"What has Frisk done to you that makes you want to hurt her? I know you mentioned that you thought she killed everybody, but how? When everyone is alive?" I asked him, he stayed quiet not answering my question. Is it possible.. No it can't be.. It.. It isn't physically possible, but seeing as monster exist nothing seems impossible anymore. I clinched my fist under the table. "Sans.. We are in a never ending time loop.. Aren't we?" I asked him, he sighed and shook his head to say yes. "Yes, but you never been here before.. you are new."

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