I felt warms hands wrap around my waist I turned around to see the one and only Roc.  His lips crashed into mine sofltly. I quickly pulled away from Roc's embrace. I got out a towel wrapped it around my waist I ran out the bathroom to find Prince asleep on the couch. Out came Roc naked from the bathroom.

Ray:Why did you do that?

Roc:Do what

Ray:You what came up behind my and wrap your arms around my waist.

Roc: You didn't like it baby

Ray:First of all im not your baby second of all I like Prince and only Prince.

Prince *wakes up*

Ray:Did you hear us just know

Prince: Every word

Ray:You probably dont feel the same way about me its ok if you dont

Prince: I do feel the same way I love you actually

Ray: I love you too *runs to Prince*

Prince *huges Ray and kiss him*

Roc: And to think I liked your ugly ass.

Ray:Dont hate honey boo boo appericate

Roc:Whatever *walks out*

  Roc POV

And to think I liked his ugly ass. But I still do. I walked into my room and found Prod watching t.v at 12 a.m in the morning. I took a sit beside him and started to doze off.

Prod:How did it go

Me:It didn't go has planed.

Prod:What do you mean

Me: I was in the shower with him when he turned around and I kissed him he ran out the bathrooom. He told Prince that he liked him and Prince liked him back and started kissing in front of me

Prod:Damn son really and to think I had a crush on Prince.

Me: They might go out


Me:So that means you cant have prince and I cant have Ray.

Prod:I dont care

Me:Mhm whatever you say i'm going to bed goodnight.

Prod:Ok goodnight

        Prod Pov

Wow Roc went to far with Ray. I couldnt believe Roc got into the shower with Ray.Hey that actually kinda sound good right now with Prince. OMG what am I saying I dont like Prince or do I. I turned off the t.v and climbed into bed. After about five I dozed off.

       "Hey Prod what you doing all the way over there why dont you come over here and sit down on papi's lap said Princeton I walked over there and sat on his lap. He glenty worked his hands down to my pants zipper. I turned around to see a big smile across his face. I quickly got up and got on my knees. I placed my hands on his pants zipper and unzipped it. I got back on his lap and kissed his soft pink lips with passion. Princeton's hands guided his way down to my ass he gently squeezed it causing me to let out a small moan."You want to do this"asked Prince "Yeah" I responed. With that Prince got on top of me kissing my softly. He guided his hand to my manhood. He placed his hand on belt tugging on it to signal me to take it off. I took off my pants I was left in only my boxers. I slowly pulled away from his embrace. I got on top of him guiding my hands to his belt tugging on it signal to him to take it off. Now Prince and me were left in our boxers. I went down on my knees to pull off Prince's boxers. I grabbed his 8 inch dick and shoved it in my mouth. "AHHHH FUCK"yelled Prince