Truth Or Dare

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I got out my bed walking in to the bathroom to take a shower to wake myself up. I hated mornings with a passion, especially if I had a interview at 8:00am in the morning. I let out a sigh turning on the water for it to warm up. I stripped out of my clothes taking my hair out of its messy bun and getting under the warm water. I let out a content sigh as the warm water touched my skin waking me up. I got out of the shower wrapping a towel around me and walking into my  room to wear the clothes that I had picked out last night. I unwrapped the towel around my body putting on my clothes. i fixed the ends of the pencil skirt I was wearing tucking in the ends of my top inside the skirt. I walked back into the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I put on  a light code of mascara some eye shadow and bright pink lipstick.  

I blow dried my hair putting it into soft waves. I looked at myself one last time walking back into the bedroom. I grabbed my high heels slipping them on and my black walking into the full length mirror to make sure that everything look good, since the interview was really important for me.  

I smiled to myself,  it look good. I grabbed my keys and phone making my way downstairs. I got out of the door locking it behind me as I walked towards my car. I got in taking off towards the studio where my interview was suppose to be. It was an assistant job for some boy band. I really didn’t take who they were as long as I got the job. The pay for it was really good, and I got to travel around with the band. Travel was something I always wanted to do. Plus I had to save up for college so it worked at perfectly I just hoped that I would get it. I pulled in front of the studio getting out. Wow it was huge. I walked in going up to the front desk. “Hi love can I help you?” the lady at the desk said with a friendly smile. “Um yes please. I was suppose to have an interview today with Simon Cowell at 8:00am.” I said with a smile. She nodded her head typing something in the computer in front of her. “Are you [Y/N] [Y/L/N]?” she asked. “Yes I am”. “Mr. Cowell should be waiting for you in his room. Which is up on the 4th floor the second door on your right there should a secretary at the front she will help you.” she said. I thanked her walking towards the elevator.  I walked into the elevator pressing the button. I let out a sigh. I was nervous, I just hope I did well. I heard the ding the elevator doors opening. I walked out turning to my right to find a blonde girl sitting in front of a table typing away.  ”Um Hi?” I said walking in front of her. She looked up at me through her fake eye lashes scanning me from top to bottom. “Can I help you?” she said in a rude tone. “I was suppose to have an interview with Mr.Cowell” I said trying to smile. I can tell that I was not going to like this women. “Your [Y/N]?” she said looking at her computer with a bored look. “Yes I am”. “Alright he is waiting for you just knock on the door and walk in” I nodded my head thanking her. I knocked on the door hearing a faint come on from the other side. I opened the door walking in and closing it behind me. Mr. Cowell was sitting in his desk looking at something on his phone. I cleared making him look up at me. “Yes?” he said with a raised eye brow. “I’m [Y/N] [Y/L/N]. I had an interview with you today” I said a little uneasy. “Oh yes come sit down” he said motioning to the two large office chairs in front of him. I walked in front of the table sitting down. He went back to his phone not saying anything. Ok?… This was weird was he going to start the interview any time soon. I placed the phone to his ear. Was he calling someone? “Where are the boys Paul. They were supposed to be here half an hour ago” he said sternly. Hmm he can be scary.  ”What do you mean you can’t wake them up!?” he said a little loudly. He turned around to look at me. “I need you to come into the office and pick someone up and bring her to the boys flat” he said hanging up. I looked at him with a questioning look. Did he mean me? “Alright listen love. I am going to make this interview very simple. The boys of the band were suppose to be here half an hour ago but apparently they are still sleeping. And Paul tried everything and he can’t wake them up. And I can’t leave I have loads of work to do. now Paul is going to come and pick you and take you to the boys flat. If you can wake up the boys and bring them here in less than half an hour the job is your got it?” he said looking at me. I nodded my head.  ”Go down stairs and tell the lady the at the front desk that your waiting for Paul. I will tell her what is going on. She will tell you when Paul gets here got it?” he said sternly. “Yes sir” I said a little surprised. What  the heck was going on?? “Call me Simon” he said smiling for the first time since I got here. I nodded my head thanking him and walking out the door and back into the elevator. When I got to the first floor I went up to the front door talking to the lady at the front. She said that Paul would me here any minute and told me to  take a seat and wait. I nodded my head taking a seat. About 5 minutes later a middle aged man with a friendly face walked in. He smiled at me “You must be [Y/N]” he said. I nodded my head smiling at him. “Alright follow me I’m going to be taking you to the boys flat.” he said opening the front doors for me. I got into the car with him, as he drove off to the flat of the boys.  ”Simon told me that the assistant job was yours if you could get the boys to the studio in half an hour” he said with a chuckle keeping his eyes on the road. “Yeah, you don’t think I can do it?” I said with a smile. “Well there heavy sleepers and they are very persistent” he said. “Well so am I” I said looking out the window. “Well this should be interesting than” he said pulling up in front of some nice looking apartment. We got out of the car walking in and taking the elevator to the 2nd floor. We got out walking in front of an flat door he took out his keys opening the door letting me in. I walked in taking a look at the place. It was really nice, but a little messy. “The bedroom is this way love. You can leave your bag here” he said I nodded my head placing my bag on the coffee table following behind him. He opened a door letting me in. When I walked in the room was dark the drape’s were closed. “Alright well we should start with the drapes” I said walking towards the big window my heels clicking on the hardwood floor. I opened the curtains turning towards the two bunk beds that were placed on the either side of the room. This was weird, how was I going to wake a bunch of random boys I had never met before. I walked in front of one of the bunk beds looking at the top bunk. “Umm how do I do this?” I said looking at Paul. He let out a chuckle “However you want love. Good luck tough” he said watching me. I let out a sigh poking the curly hair that was sticking underneath from the blanket. “Umm excuse me” I said trying to wake him. “Please wake up” I said. He let out a groan turning towards me “No” he said burying his head back into the pillows.