Asunas Gone?

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Asadas P.O.V
Asada saw a sad looking Kazuto when she looked through the door "why does he looks so down today from his normal happy self" she thought to herself. Asada slowly opened the door with a concerned look on her face "Kazuto what's wrong you look like hell today, you know you don't have to come if your not well." Kazuto looked at her and gave her a half hearted smile and said "I'm ok Asada just had a unfortunate turn of events." "Oh what type of events you know we're partners and I would do anything to help you" Asada said with a proud smile hoping her being happy would lighten his uneasy mood. "Thanks and your right we are partners and you got my back so ill give it to you straight... Asuna left me and I don't know what to do..". Asada sat there trying to find the words that would make her hero feel better. "Kazuto I don't see why Asuna would want to leave you, your a great guy no a perfect guy you are always there for your friends and you always make time for all of us no matter what is going on. Asada felt her face start to go red and thought to herself that it sounded like she was confessing her feelings for him... Maybe she was that thought made her blush even deeper.

Kazutos P.O.V
Asada was looking to the side and her face was all red I had no idea why though so I let it slip my mind. "Thanks Asada that really does mean a lot to me" he said smiling for once during his visit. "But back to original why I'm here how are you doing now with everything that went on" Asada looks back over at Kazuto and begins to say something but just stops and shakes her head and says "I'm fine" he tilts his head and looks at her concerned. "remember it works the other way to I'm here for you as well"

Asadas P.O.V
After hearing what Kazuto just said her face turned beat red. "Thanks a lot but I'm really ok honest" "ok ok but just call if you need anything" "same goes for you mister". Kazuto's phone rings informing him he has a text and he grabs his phone a flips it open and reads it. "ah sorry Asada I'm going to have to cut today a little short sugu wants me to get groceries for the house today". "oh ok" Asada says disappointingly. with that they say there good byes and Kazuto gets on his bike and Asada watches as the bike turns into nothing more but a dot in the distance.

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