Attacks & Sweethearts - Corey Graves

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A/N: This idea came to me last week and I couldn't wait to write it! I unfortunately was very tired last night and very busy today, but I get to write it now! This is based off of me and my character of course, but it's especially personal to me, considering the fact that I have anxiety disorder. Enjoy! :) P.s. I love Corey Graves. :) Also, just want to point out that my anxiety is SOOO much better. I went to therapy and I swear it's almost gone but comes up and gets in the way every now and then. I definitely don't have attacks like the one in this story anymore though, thank God. :)

Ashley's POV-

I had volunteered, hung out and trained at NXT so many times that I had lost count. I was very used to it and had even made a few friends and definitely caught up with some old friends, such as Sami Zayn. I was on the Raw roster and had been in the WWE for about eight years, so I was very comfortable with everything in the WWE, but sometimes attacks would strike.

This specific time, while I was backstage on NXT, an attack decided to pop up, and not just any attack. Not the sort of attack that popped into your head. I wasn't punched or kicked by my enemy, Charlotte or anyone else for that matter. I was only physically, emotionally and internally punished by my crippling mental disorder: anxiety. Don't get me wrong, it definitely didn't bother me on a daily basis like it used to. It barely bothered me but a few times a year. Maybe it was stress or sugar; who knows, but when it strikes, it sucks.

I was leaning up against a crate, chatting with Sami Zayn until he was called for his match. When he left for the curtain, I just walked over to a nearby monitor and crossed my arms, smiling as I waited for the match to start.

Halfway through what I thought to be a good match, I felt an anxiety attack start to come on. I felt my heart pick up its pace ever so slowly as I felt a sweat coming on.

A few minutes into trying to fight it, I felt my eyes water with warm, salty tears. I sat down against a nearby wall, sliding my back against its cold surface. I felt things start to get slightly worse as I tried to breathe through it.

I felt my hands go numb as tears continued to roll down my face.

"Are you okay?" I heard the voice bounce off the wall behind me, but almost didn't notice it. "Hey," The voice continued when I didn't look up or answer. His voice turned into a low whisper, displaying a caring tone. I darted my puffy, watery brown eyes up at the source of the sound. "Are you okay?" He added, leaning down to my level. Through tear-blurred vision, I saw that it was Corey Graves.

I tried to utter out words, but couldn't and just resulted to shaking my head instead. "Hey, hey, hey," His low whisper spoke before he made comforting 'shh' sounds. He took me into his arms without saying anything else. I wrapped my hands around him, feeling pins and needles go through them. "Come here." He offered as he helped me to my feet.

He kept an arm around me as he directed me down a nearby hallway. We reached a door with 'Corey Graves' engraved on the plate. He opened up the door and led me to the leather couch inside. "Please get comfortable and if there's anything I can do," He helped me take a seat on the couch slowly before standing up in front of me. "Anything at all," He used his hands as he spoke. "You let me know." His caring and concerned eyes looked down at me before he gave me a sympathetic smile.

"Thank you." I managed to say, referring to the use of his locker room, considering it was NXT, so I didn't have one, and his sweet and caring nature towards me. He nodded before taking a seat next to me.

After a few minutes of him rubbing my back lightly and whispering to me to calm me down, I felt that it had completely passed. My eyes started to droop as my energy drained along with the anxiety.

He checked the time on his phone before raising from the couch. "Well," He announced, clapping his hands together once softly. "I have to get ready for my match." He motioned down at his ripped jeans, black shirt and leather jacket, making me smile up at him. "But, you," He pointed to me as he walked off towards the showers, "Stay here as long as you want or need and I will be back soon if you need me." When I smiled, his concern melted away and he mirrored the smile.

I closed my eyes for a short rest, feeling my body ache from everything it was just put through. I hoped to only drift off slightly, but it failed when I drifted into a deep sleep.


I heard the faint sound of NXT still playing on the television and the sound of a crowd beyond the walls. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and opened my tired, droopy eyes slowly. I looked around the locker room, my memory slowly coming back. When my eyes fell on Corey Graves in the chair beside me, I jumped. His eyes were locked on the TV, but he pried them off and took notice. He chuckled slightly as I placed my hand over my eyes and yawned. "I'm sorry for falling asleep." I mumbled, my voice quiet and sleepy.

I took my hand off of my face and stretched. He shook his head, an amused smile on his face. "No, that's quite alright." He looked down at me with his green eyes and adorable smile. "I told you to stay here as long as you wanted or needed and I don't mind a bit." At the end of his sentence, he placed his hand on top of mine in reassurance.

I looked down at it and smiled. When he took it off, I said, "Thank you so much though," He raised his eyebrows as I spoke, his green eyes a little wider. I couldn't help but smile. He was so cute. "It really means a lot for you to help me like this." I paused for a moment as he gave me a smile. "Especially whenever you don't know me very well."

"No problem." He shook his head, the same adorable and radiating smile on his face. He set his hand on top of mine again and added, "And I would like to change that."

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