Chapter one

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 Chapter one

You breathe deeply, closing your eyes. A familiar calm washes over you, and you sigh blissfully. Opening your eyes you see a never-ending darkness; something you're very accustomed to seeing. This darkness is your home- all you've ever known.

It's evil, cold, and unforgiving, yet you've accepted it into your life, allowing it refuge in your once-kind heart. It's taken over most of your being in the few decades it's been with you, leaving only a small fraction of that kindness in your heart unscathed.

Through thick and thin, this darkness has been at your side, never truly fading despite your change of heart. It will always be with you; it's a part of you. It walks hand in hand with your kindness, your humanity, the pair working together to wield you even more power than imaginable.

Now, you're safe, you're sound. No harm shall come to you anymore, for you have found true happiness.

A new feeling flows past.

It's warm.

Almost hot.

You open your eyes and look around, surprised to see a bright light illuminating the darkness. You try to move away, but find you go nowhere. The darkness, your home, begins to diminish, making room for this new place. You scream, your voice unheard by anyone or anything. You see your humanity -your everything- vanish before your very eyes, replaced with golden-blue light and a high pitched ringing.


SPN Time: During 'I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here' (9x1)

Alex woke in a cold sweat, jolting upright in bed. The room was dark, the alarm clock beside the bed reading just a few hours after Alex had gone to bed with Gabriel. Looking around, it seemed the archangel was nowhere to be seen.

"Gabe?" Alex climbed out of bed, still shaking, and headed out of the room in search of her celestial boyfriend. Hearing her movement, Leo awoke, joining her on her search. "Gabriel?" Alex repeated, wrapping her arms around herself as she entered the dark kitchen. She approached the fridge and frowned at a sticky note on it, just barely able to read it by the light shining through a window over the sink:

'Food run- be back soon :)'

Alex pulled open the refrigerator door, sighing at the fully-stocked shelves. Liar. Letting the door shut by itself, Alex turned towards the small window over the sink, looking up at the starry sky. Everything was peaceful and silent, yet Alex found herself worrying about her dream.

It was almost a year after everything that had happened with Dantalion. Since then, Alex hadn't talked to the Winchesters or her father, yet she heard they settled things with the Leviathans escaping just after her ordeal with Dantalion. Crowley's whereabouts were unknown, and frankly, Alex didn't care. He could handle himself; he didn't need her help.

The dream she'd had was strange, and she had no idea why she had it. She was fully healed from becoming human, and she no longer had her memories of the cage. There was no reason for her to have strange, foreshadowing, dreams.

All she could hope was it was just that- a dream. No hidden meanings or messages. But she knew that was unlikely. When is anything 'just nothing'?

Looking away from the window, Alex groaned as her head began to ache. Walking forward only made it worse, the muted colors of the dark apartment blurring together. She braced herself on the marble counter, trying to regain her composure. "What...-" She was cut off as a bright light broke out in the sky, illuminating the room.

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